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Jungle Scout Alternatives - Why You Should Use Other Amazon Tools

The competition on Amazon is huge. Especially for Amazon FBA sellers, it is essential to find the right products to sell on Amazon.

Product trends are continually changing, and although you can find almost every product on Amazon, new ones are added every day.

For Amazon FBA sellers, it is essential to offer better products than their competitors.

If a product is better than other competing products, then it will sell better over time.

Of course, Amazon sellers have to work on their organic search results with the right marketing actions.

However, over time, the better product will win.

For these reasons, the functional scope of Amazon FBA tools is becoming increasingly important in terms of product research, but also competition analysis and marketing activities.

There are plenty of tools that help Amazon sellers find and develop better products and significantly increase their ranking immediately after a product launch.

One of these tools is Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout offers the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and the Jungle Scout Web App.

Jungle Scout is very popular and sees itself as the NUMBER ONE Amazon tool.

We have to admit that Jungle Scout is great. The features are innovative, and the user interface is top.

Just this year, two new features were developed that are not available with other tools. So first of all: Jungle Scout is a perfect tool. It's not so famous for nothing.

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But there are also other exciting tools, which in our opinion, even have a better range of functions than Jungle Scout.

Some of them are even cheaper and have a better price-performance ratio.

In the following article, we introduce you to the best Jungle Scout Alternatives.

The Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout Alternativen

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best Jungle Scout Alternatives. Helium 10 offers a lot of tools to find and market excellent products.

In a nutshell, Helium 10 offers twelve tools that you can use to control, optimize, and scale your entire Amazon Business.

With Helium 10 you can't just find products. You can optimize your Amazon Listing, control your Amazon inventory management, perform a very accurate competitor analysis, and much more.

Helium 10 is all about functionality. The tool is the most comprehensive on the market.

Helium 10 provides you with very accurate data, and you have plenty of filtering options.

Read this Helium 10 Review to learn more about it.

Unlike most Amazon FBA tools, Helium 10 is free to use. The open plan has some limitations, but you can work with it.

The paid plans start at $97 per month. You can also buy individual tools as part of the "A la Carte Plan." The cheapest plan is $17 per month.

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Viral Launch

Viral Launch is also an all-in-one software suite that offers a variety of different features.

By the Product Discovery Tool, you can find niches and excellent products by using many filters.

Viral Launch, like Helium 10, has a lot of accurate data.

By the Market Intelligence Tool, you can analyze historical sales and price data.

Viral Launch uses smart algorithms to forecast market trends and provides you with potential development opportunities for various niches and markets.

Among other things, the tool helps you to determine investment costs for a product launch and thus estimate whether selling a product is worth it or not.

With the keyword research tool, you can find the best keywords and optimize your listing.

Also, the tool offers plenty of opportunities to analyze your competition.

Enter the ASIN of a product and get a detailed competitor analysis, including keywords, sponsored ads, competitor sales data, and more.

The Listing Analyzer shows errors in your listings and gives tips on how to optimize your listing, for example, to increase your conversion rate.

You can split-test your listings to determine what works best.

This feature allows you to increase your conversion rate, which leads to an increase in your profit.


Sellics is also a proven Amazon tool with seven basic features:

  • Product Search
  • Product Tracking
  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon PPC
  • Reviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Inventory Management

A positive aspect of Sellics is that key-figures and other data are "translated" into practical recommendations for action.

This makes incredibly easy to work with Sellics.

An easy to understand user interface, a great web app, and a lot of useful data to work with make Sellics a great tool.

There are three versions of Sellics available: the Seller Edition, the Vendor Edition, and the Agency Edition.

The "Seller Edition" is primarily suitable for Amazon FBA sellers, while the "Vendor Edition" is suitable for larger companies and the "Agency Edition" for agencies.

The 14-day test phase is a perfect opportunity to test the tool.

AMZ Scout

Jungle Scout and AMZScout both offer a Chrome Extension and a Web App.

AMZScout also has unique features that other tools don't offer.

You can find profitable products and niches, track your products, calculate your fees, and much more.

You can analyze products by day, week, month, and year, but also by holiday periods or other seasonal periods with specific sales trends.

AMZScout also offers tools to control your PPC campaigns and analyze your competition effectively.

The AMZScout calculator is helpful to calculate the product price correctly and to work profitably.

You can find a detailed description in the article Amazon FBA Calculator AMZ Scout.

The cheapest plan costs $29.99 per month, the Starter plan costs $39.99 per month, and the business plan costs $59.99 per month.

Cash Cow Pro

Above all, Cash Cow Pro is characterized by an enormous amount of data.

If you want to get as much data as possible, Cash Cow Pro is probably the right tool for you.

As far as usability is concerned, it can't compete with Jungle Scout, but you can see exciting data that you can work with.

Specific examples are the time visitors spend on the site, from conversions to A/B tests.

Especially for a newbie, Cash Cow Pro is an excellent way to get a lot of useful data from one source.

With a price of $50 per month, it's slightly more expensive than other alternatives, but the price is still very reasonable.

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