Top 20 Jungle Scout Alternatives to Succeed on Amazon

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For Amazon sellers, it's essential to find great products to sell on Amazon. Market trends are constantly changing and although there is almost every product on Amazon, new ones are added every day.

While the better product will win in the long run, you can still increase your sales on Amazon with the right marketing activities. Therefore, Amazon seller tools need to provide advanced features for competition analysis, keyword research, and promotion.

Jungle Scout is an awesome tool, especially for product research. Plus, they added a lot of new features to it last year. You can now search for suppliers, track your profits, promote your product, and more.

So, I don't want to say Jungle Scout is bad. It's far from it. If you want, you can go sign up here with a 30% discount. You can also read our Jungle Scout Review to get further insights.

However, if you don't want to sign up, I can tell you that there are lots of awesome Jungle Scout alternatives to find great products, increase your sales, and grow your business.

The Best Jungle Scout Alternatives for 2021

Helium 10

Helium 10 Website

Helium 10 is the best Jungle Scout alternative

It provides tools to search, source, and promote Amazon products. In fact, Helium 10 provides everything you need to build and grow an Amazon Business from scratch.

With more than 22 tools, it's definitely the most comprehensive Amazon software on the market. You can also optimize your Listing, manage your inventory or perform a competitor analysis.

Unlike most Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 offers a free plan. It has some limitations, but you can work with it. I highly recommend signing up here for free.

The paid plans start at $97 per month. You can also use individual tools as part of the "A la Carte Plan." The cheapest "A la Carte Plan" costs $17 per month.

You can use all Helium 10 tools with a 50% discount here:

Read this Helium 10 Review to learn more about it.


  • Rating: 10/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: $97/mo - $397/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes

AMZ Scout

AMzScout Website

With AMZScout, you can find profitable niches, track sales data, calculate Amazon FBA Fees, and more. You can analyze product data by day, week, month, and year, but also by holiday periods or other seasonal periods with specific sales trends.

You can also manage your Amazon PPC campaigns and analyze your competition. AMZScout's Calculator helps you to calculate your product price and sell profitably.

AMZScout has two different plans. You can choose between the PRO Extension and the Amazon Seller Bundle. The Amazon Seller Bundle allows you to use the PRO Extension and the Web App (Product Database, etc...).

The PRO Extension is $14,90 per month (billed yearly) and the Amazon Seller Bundle is $29 per month (billed yearly). They also offer a lifetime plan of the PRO Extension for $499.


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $14.99/mo - $129.99/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes


Sellics Website

Sellics is a proven Amazon tool and a great alternative to Jungle Scout with seven main features:

A positive aspect of Sellics is that data is "translated" into practical recommendations. This makes it incredibly easy to work with it. An easy-to-understand user interface, a great web app, and a lot of useful data make Sellics a great Amazon seller tool.

There are three versions of Sellics available: the Seller Edition, the Vendor Edition, and the Agency Edition. The "Seller Edition" is suitable for Amazon FBA sellers, while the "Vendor Edition" is suitable for larger companies and the "Agency Edition" is for agencies.

The 14-day free trial is a perfect opportunity to test Sellics:

You can also check out our Sellics Review.


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: $57/mo - $317/mo
  • Free Plan: No


Teikametrics Website

Teikametrics is a powerful and user-friendly solution for PPC marketing on Amazon or Walmart. This platform helps you achieve your goals of either increasing your PPC revenue, decreasing wasteful PPC spend, or some combination of the two.

Prices depend on your monthly ad spend and start at $59. I highly recommend checking out Teikametrics here.


  • Rating: 8/10
  • Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Price: Depending on monthly ad spend
  • Free Plan: No

Viral Launch

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is also an all-in-one software that offers a variety of different tools.

Here're some examples:

  • With Product Discovery, you can find excellent products by using several filters. Like Helium 10, it also provides accurate data.
  • Using Market Intelligence, you can analyze historical sales and price data.
  • Viral Launch uses smart algorithms to analyze market trends and provides you with forecasts for various niches.
  • The tool helps you to determine investment costs for a product launch and thus estimate whether selling a product is worth it or not.
  • Using Viral Launch's keyword tool, you can search for keywords to optimize your Amazon listing.
  • Enter the ASIN of a product and get a detailed competitor analysis, including keywords, sponsored ads, competitor sales data, and more.
  • You can split-test your listings to determine what works best.

Here's a detailed article about Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

If you want to give Viral Launch a try, you can save 15% here:


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $42/mo - $166/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes


ZonGuru Website

ZonGuru provides several tools for Amazon sellers. You can do product research, track your results, and improve your business processes.

Here are some examples:

  • The Chrome Extension shows product prices, bestseller rankings, reviews, estimated sales, and more.
  • The Sale Spy feature is a Sales Data Intelligence tool with which you can discover the best trends and the most profitable products.
  • ZonGuru's Keyword Tracker helps you monitor your products and keywords and optimize your Amazon listing


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $35/mo - $119/mo
  • Free Plan: No

IO Scout

IOScout Website

IO Scout is an efficient straight-forward solution for product research. It has a large database of over 150 million products with information on sales volume, price, Amazon Sales Rank, ratings, and more.

You can try IO Scout for 5 days with a money-back guarantee.


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: $25/mo - $39/mo
  • Free Plan: No - but you can try it for 5 days with a money-back guarantee


SellerTools Website

From keyword research to listing optimization - Seller.Tools offers everything you need to build an Amazon Business.

  • Keyword Manager: Easily manage thousands of keywords with a powerful, intuitive user interface.
  • Product Research: Use the power of accurate data directly from Amazon to discover your next product gold mine.
  • PPC Management: A set of professional Amazon PPC management tools.
  • Keyword Wizard: Find keywords and create an optimized listing in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Listing Manager: Create a perfect listing like an expert.
  • Alerts: A customized surveillance system.


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: $57/mo - $297/mo
  • Free Plan: No


SellerLabs Website

Seller Labs offers the following tools:


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: $49/mo - $499/mo
  • Free Plan: No


Amazeowl Website

You can use AMAZEOWL for...

AMAZEOWL offers a free plan. Paid plans range from $12.99 to $19.99.


  • Rating: 6/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $12.99/mo - $19.99/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes


EGrow Website

EGrow provides 7 tools and one Chrome Extension. They aim to help Amazon sellers finding high potential products. However, they also provide a Tracking tool with which you can track sales data and a tool for keyword research.


  • Rating: 6.5/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $17/mo - $29/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes


ASINHunt Website

ASINHunt is not an all-in-one software for Amazon sellers.

It shows Amazon Sellers detailed data of a product. This tool tracks product information like sales, ranking, price, inventory, and much more.

You can track up to 50 ASINs for $9.99 a month.


  • Rating: 6/10
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: $9.99-$19.99 /mo
  • Free Plan: No


Feedvisor Website

Feedvisor is an AI-based tool for big sellers and brands. They also offer services to increase your conversion rates, revenue, advertising performance.

Feedvisor provides a performance dashboard, profitability dashboard, advertising dashboard, returns dashboard, restocking information, revenue information, operational insight, MAP insights, and competitive insights.


  • Rating: 9/10
  • Level: Expert
  • Price: -
  • Free Plan: No


eComEngine Website

Professional Amazon software with four main features:

  • Feedback Five: With FeedbackFive, you can easily automate personalized email requests and proactively monitor feedback on Amazon.
  • Market Scout: Amazon sellers can get meaningful data on thousands of SKUs. MarketScout's robust reporting includes ASIN, profit calculations, item title, manufacturer, category, number of sellers, lowest price, unit weight, model number, Amazon product sales rank, and more.
  • Restock Pro: RestockPro helps you manage your inventory from A-Z.
  • SmartPrice: SmartPrice automatically manage your prices to win the buy box more often.


  • Rating: 7/10
  • Level: Beginner to Expert
  • Price: -
  • Free Plan: No


ASINspector Website

ASINspector works with Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. You can use ASINspector to find products to sell on Amazon and suppliers who can produce products at the lowest cost.


  • Rating: 5/10
  • Level: Advanced to Expert
  • Price: $97 - $187 (One Time Payment)
  • Free Plan: No

The 6 Best Free Alternatives to Jungle Scout

Helium 10

Helium 10 Website

Helium 10 is also the best free Jungle Scout alternative. That's simply because they offer a free plan with which you can use all Helium 10 features for $0.

You can go sign up here for free.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Website

Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon Chrome Extension to search for products. It's a great free Jungle Scout alternative for total beginners. However, if you want something more powerful I recommend Helium 10 or AMZScout.


AMZBase Website

AMZBase is also a free Jungle Scout alternative for product research.

The Chrome Extension shows historical data for products and helps you to find better products. You can also calculate your profit margin with AMZBase.

It's especially useful for beginners. I don't think AMZBase comprehensive enough for experienced sellers.


Keepa Website

Keepa informs you about price and sales rank changes of an Amazon product. You can also view this data for a specific period of time.

Keyword Tool

KeywordTool Website

You can use this tool to get various keyword ideas. A cool feature is that you can filter by different search engines and countries.


Sonar Website

It's also a free Amazon Keyword Tool which provides you with suggestions based on certain main keywords or ASINs.

You can't choose between different search engines, but you can also choose between different locations.


Here's a summary of all the Jungle Scout alternatives we've mentioned in this article:

The best Jungle Scout alternatives:

  • Helium 10 - The absolute best Jungle Scout alternative
  • AMZScout - Best Jungle Scout alternative for sellers with a limited budget
  • Sellics - Great Jungle Scout alternative for large companies and agencies
  • Viral Launch - Great alternative if you want to get lots of data

Other alternatives:

The best free alternatives to Jungle Scout:

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