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Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Various Amazon FBA service providers such as Viral Launch offer the creation of a wholly optimized Amazon listing.

A copywriting team does not have to see the product itself. And also, the production of the product does not have to be finished.

You need to know all the product details! Fill out the product information form and provide as much product information as possible.

As soon as all essential information is available, your listing will be assigned to an expert who will contact you if you have any further questions.

The optimized listing will be sent by e-mail. Note that most services do not include product images.

Outsourcing the listing can be useful, especially if you are an advanced Amazon seller.

The reason is that you have enough capital, and don't have time to deal with your Amazon listing.

Listing Optimization on Amazon

Optimizing your Amazon listing can significantly improve your organic rankings. The optimization can lead to an increase in visitor numbers and sales.

Especially in niches where many products have a low-quality listing, sellers can get their hands on top rankings by optimizing their Amazon product listing.

As an active Amazon seller, you should regularly check your listing, continually optimize it and, above all, provide the customer with relevant information.

You should think about exactly what customers are interested in and what information they are searching for.

The provision of relevant information is the basis of a good Amazon listing. The Amazon listing optimization consists of five sub-areas:

  • Content
  • Pictures
  • Keywords
  • Questions & Answers
  • Reviews

With Helium 10, you can select suitable keywords with Cerebro and Magnet. The tools are based on patented algorithms and can increase your placement enormously.

Amazon Listing Optimization

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Optimize Content

By optimizing the content, you can increase the click-through rate (CTR) in the search results, and the conversion rate (CR) on the detail page of the product.

These two factors, in turn, contribute to an increase in sales and thus to an improvement in rankings.

In the description, give all necessary information for the purchase decision. The product description should identify the advantages and the unique selling point of the product.

Don't just name product characteristics, but always combine them with the resulting advantages — present and structure information in such a way that the customer can quickly and easily absorb it.

Also, you should be able to answer all potential questions of your customers. If you provide relevant information, this will have an enormous effect on your results.

Specific information such as material, weight, energy efficiency class, etc. can be stored for each product.

Specific information is displayed on the product page in a separate section for the customer. Product information that is as comprehensive and accurate as possible improves the conversion rate and should, therefore, also be taken into account when doing listing optimization on Amazon.

Another point to consider when optimizing your Amazon listing is the presentation on mobile devices. Among other things, the content (e.g., bullet points and product description) is shortened so that the most crucial information should always be listed first.

Optimize Images

In several tests, it was determined what the customer first pays attention to when clicking on an Amazon product listing.

The customer always first pays attention to the images of your Amazon product listing.

If these are not convincing, the customer usually does not even look at the rest and clicks on another product listing.

Top product images are, therefore, among the essential success factors for the successful promotion of your product!

Here it is worthwhile to invest in an excellent product photographer right from the start. In the best case, he also knows the Amazon guidelines.

Take advantage of the full number of pictures Amazon provides. With every single photo, you can convince your customers more about your product.

In the best case, your images should tell some story. So you should not only shoot pictures of your product, but also photos of the results your product can provide. 

What does the buyer get?

For example, if you sell a cordless screwdriver, provide pictures of a complete wardrobe, folding chair, etc. this will increase your conversion rate enormously.

For product pictures, I always recommend dominant images. These put other products immediately in the shade. You can find a good example below.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Of course, you should check the Amazon Guidelines...

Amazon Keyword Optimization 

For the reason that customers can find products in Amazon's search results, the Amazon listing must include all relevant keywords.

Therefore, your Amazon listing should contain all relevant keywords that match your product.

With Helium 10, for example, you can check whether your product is indexed for a specific keyword or not. So whether Amazon "lists" your product for particular keywords or not.

To find relevant and useful keywords, you need an Amazon Keyword Tool. For this we recommend the use of Helium 10. With our coupons you can use the first month with a 50% discount. This should be enough to find a lot of keywords.

Once you have found all the relevant keywords, they must be optimally integrated into the Amazon listing. Here you should consider the following:


Amazon reduced the importance of the product title after the introduction of the new Amazon ranking algorithm.

However, you should place the top 3-5 keywords in your Amazon product title. Also make sure that you describe your product as accurately and clearly as possible in the title.

If you also sell your products internationally, you should also pay attention to the correct translation. 

Use a maximum of 200 bytes here. Otherwise, there is a risk that Amazon will not index your keywords at all.

Backend Keywords

You should place up to 250 bytes of additional top keywords in the backend keywords (also general keywords or generic keywords). Make sure not to use more than 250 bytes.

Bullet Points & Product description

Five Bullet Points are at your disposal to convince your customers of your product. The bullet points allow you to use 1000 bytes.

Try to express the advantages and effects of your product instead of highlighting technical specifications.

Be sure to place your keywords in the bullet points as well.

You can use a maximum of 2000 bytes for the product description. Here you can go into the characteristics of your product in more detail.

But also reports about advantages and emphasize your USP. Also, place relevant keywords here, but avoid keyword stepping.

Audience Keywords & more product information

For some products, audience keywords such as men/ladies and "Further product information such as material can be entered.

This information should be used and filled in as accurately as possible because it is relevant for the Amazon algorithm.

Optimize Questions & Answers

Decisive are not only the ratings that customers can ask on the product page, but also the "questions."

Both sellers and other customers answer these questions.

For example, customers repeatedly ask for information that they do not find on the detail page, or that relates to specific details of the product.

Sellers should regularly clarify open questions to ensure that the customer receives the correct information.

This is primarily intended to expand the information content of an Amazon product listing.

For more significant information gaps, the missing information should be added directly in the product description.

Optimize Amazon Reviews

Also, reviews are essential for the CTR and CR of a product. Two aspects are of particular importance here — the number of reviews and the number of average stars.

To gain positive ratings, there are different approaches. In general, the willingness of customers to give ratings increases when you provide excellent customer service.

Also, package inserts, product testing platforms, or e-mail marketing can be used to boost the number of reviews.

Also, Amazon offers sellers tools to create reviews, such as the Vine program and the Early Reviewer program.

Maintain a high average product rating, customer satisfaction, and product quality should be the most critical factors.

This means, responding to negative evaluations and regularly checking and improving the quality of the product is essential.

Excellent customer service is also an advantage.

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