Helium 10 Review: A Deep Dive Into The Best Amazon Tool 2020

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Are you about to start a business on Amazon?

If so, you need an Amazon Seller Tool to keep up with the competition.

But which one should you choose?

Get Helium 10.

I kind of wish the answer had more nuance to it, because I actually want to write a more engaging review.

But it's pretty simple.

If you want to get an Amazon seller tool, get Helium 10.

Out of all the decisions you need to make to build a successful Amazon business, the decision of which Amazon Tool you should use is not hard anymore.

If you want, you can stop reading and go sign up. You won't miss out much.

In-Depth Helium 10 Review

To show you that I do know what I’m talking about, I have broken down all the core Amazon Tool features and rated Helium 10 by each.

I rate all aspects using the following system: 10 is great, 0 is bad.

I'm not a complete fan of Helium 10. There are a few areas where Helium 10 could be better. But these are no big deal. They are minimal gaps and can be completely covered by other tools.

If you're just starting an Amazon business from scratch, Helium 10 is, even more, the best tool you could choose.


Because Kevin King's Freedom Ticket (One of the best Amazon FBA Courses worth $997) is on top, for free.

Who else uses Helium 10?

Before we take a look at what Helium 10 can do for you, let's see who else is excited about it.

Here are a few names that might mean something to you:

  • Tomer Rabinovich
  • Kevin King
  • Tatiana James
  • Mike McClary
  • Kian Golzari

These are all popular Top Amazon sellers - So you're in good hands.

Let's dive into Helium 10

If you're excited what this review is about, here are the topics we're going to cover:

  • Product Research
  • Product Launches
  • Listing Optimization
  • Maintenance

Let's start.

Product Research By Helium 10 (9/10)

Okay, let's talk about product research. There're a lot of tools out there to help you discover better products, so why should you actually choose Helium 10?

I think most of you who did product research in the past were heading over to Jungle Scout's Product Database and put these settings into it:

  • Makes more than $3000 in revenue per month
  • Less than 50 ratings
  • Over 10 sales a day
  • Weighs less than 3kg

Okay, this is also a good way to find some great products. And after all, your product should make more than $3000 in revenue per month.

But every Amazon seller tool has these features. Actually, I've never seen a tool (All-in-One) that doesn't have them.

But what makes Helium 10 unique?

First of all, Helium 10 has also a product database (it's called Black Box) and you can set up all kinds of filters like with any other Amazon Tool.

The only difference is that Helium 10 has even more useful filters than others (they really help you) and Helium 10's data is more accurate.

But that's not what I wanted to explain.

I wanted to show you a strategy for product research, that you can only do with Helium 10.

Let's start.

Using Helium 10 Cerebro For Advanced Product Research

This is actually a Helium 10 Keyword Tool to find some nice KWs to supercharge your Amazon rankings.

But you can also get some great product ideas using it.

If you enter an ASIN in Helium 10 Cerebro, it shows you all the Keywords this Product actually ranks for on Amazon.

So how can you find profitable products with this tool?

Here's the Step-by-Step Process:

1. Head over to Amazon and look for a product you're interested in. Note that is doesn't have to be a product that you actually want to sell on Amazon. Choose any product you want as long as it at least belongs to a category that you're interested in. Finally, get the product's ASIN.

2. Now, put the ASIN into Cerebro's search bar and click on "Get Keywords".

Helium 10 product reseach with Cerebro     

3. Finally, this is what you will get:

Helium 10 Cerebro results 

4. Analyze The Results

This is where it gets important. You have to evaluate Helium 10's results.

How can you do that?

All in all, you have nine columns there and you have to filter the chart the right way.

So first of all, make sure that you filter all Data by Cerebro IQ Score.

This Score is developed by Helium 10 and tells you if a keyword is worth it. They calculate it based on search volume and competition.

High search volume and low competition = High Cerebro IQ Score

Low search volume and high competition = Low Cerebro IQ Score


What you have to do is to sort the list the way that it shows up the keywords with the highest IQ Score on the Top.

Helium 10 Cerebro 1

If you did this, type in a minimum search volume. I recommend using 100, but you can also use a higher amount or a lower one.

This is because you have to make sure that people are actually interested in your keyword. If not, the keyword isn't worth anything (Because no one searches for it).

Helium 10 search volume

After you set Cerebro IQ Score and Search Volume, the third thing you have to pay attention to is COMPETITING PRODUCTS.

This point is really important. If there are thousands of sellers offering the same product, you won't stand a good chance, especially as a beginner.

If there's low competition, you will have it ten times easier to get to the first page on Amazon and make a sustainable passive income.

On the other side, it doesn't mean that when there're thousands of sellers, you can't be successful in that niche.

It only means that if there are fewer ones, you will have it much easier.

But, let's set COMPETING PRODUCTS from 0-50.

Competiting Products

By now, you exactly have 71 keyword ideas with high search volume, high IQ Score, and extremely low competition.

You don't have to set the filter competing products to a maximum of 50. You can also set it to 100, 200 or 1000, and you're good to go.

If you want, you can also check Helium 10's Cerebro 8-Day-Giveaways. 

The "CPR" formula gives you an estimate of how many sales you have to make in 8 days to get to Amazon's first page.

The higher the number is, the more competitive the product.

What you can also do is when you found a good product, head over to Amazon, get the ASIN and repeat the process.

Trust me, this is the best way to get hundreds of product ideas quickly. After all, it all comes down to your keyword!

Based on this data, you can calculate your costs and decide whether a product is worth it or not. 

Keep in mind that you can only make a sustainable profit once you get on Amazon's first search result page.

Product Launches By Helium 10 (10/10)

This point definitely deserves 10/10.

One big reason for that is that Helium 10 developed the CPR method, which makes it easy for you to prepare your product launch.

If you want to learn more about Helium 10's CPR method, you can download this detailed e-book here:


Download Helium 10 CPR Method To Supercharge Product Launches

But let's take a look at how you can really supercharge your product launches.

All you need is Helium 10 Magnet and Helium 10 Cerebro.

First, let's assume that you already found a product you want to sell with Helium 10's Black Box or Cerebro.

All you have to do is go to Helium 10 Cerebro and enter the ASIN of your product into it.

After that, Cerebro spit out all the keywords that the product ranks for on Amazon. The next thing you have to do is to set up a filter on the organic rank of 1-10.

Helium 10 Cerebro Organic Rank

You have to do this because we assume that the products get at least 90% of their revenue by the top 10 keywords.

When you found out the top 10 Keywords (the keywords which generate more than 90% of revenue), then it's time to take a look at CPR 8 Days Giveaways (you can see it on the picture above).

This indicator shows you how much products you have to give away every day for 8 days to rank on Amazon's first page. As already mentioned, you should already consider this figure when doing product research.

Remember that you will start making passive sales when you get on Amazon's first page of search results.

Based on this data, you can calculate your total costs. Depending on the search volume and relevance of different keywords, you can choose one that suits you best.

Okay, but why do you need Helium 10's tool Magnet?

Well, your product launch shouldn't only consist of giving away coupon codes.

You also have to run Amazon PPC Ads.

If you want to become an expert on Amazon PPC, read this article.

In any case, you need to do extensive keyword research. Doing this with Magnet makes your life much easier.

Trust me, Magnet is very competitive when it comes to keyword research. It suggests several keyword ideas based on one seed keyword.

In fact, it looks like this:

Helium 10 Magnet

But I don't want to write this article like an instruction of Helium 10 Magnet and how to set up Amazon PPC.

If you're interested, this articles will tell you everything you need:

Listing Optimization by Helium 10 (10/10)

There are many different ways to optimize your listing. If you want to learn the most of them, read my article about Listing Optimization on Amazon.

In fact, it's always the same process.

You're searching for relevant keywords that people are looking for. After that, you include these keywords in your listing.

That's exactly what you can ALSO do with Helium 10.

As already mentioned, Magnet and Cerebro are the most popular keyword tools on the market.

You can use these tools to find the best keywords, optimize your listing and close more sales.

But honestly - you can also do this with all other tools.

The only difference is that the Helium 10 provides better data than other tools.

So what makes the difference when it comes to Listing Optimization on Amazon?

There are exactly three tools that make the difference:

  • Scribbles
  • Index Checker
  • Misspellinator

Scribbles allows you to optimize your Listings 10 times faster. The tool shows you how many bytes you can use, what you have to fill in, provides emojis to make your listing look better and much more.

Here's a screenshot of it:

Helium 10 Scribbles

What's also very useful is that you can put keywords, that you want to include in your listing, into a list and Scribbles show you if you used these keywords or not.

Remember, if you don't have a particular keyword in your listing, you won't get indexed for this keyword by Amazon.

This guides us to the next tool. Index Checker.

With Index Checker, you can check whether you're indexed by Amazon for particular keywords.

You can also use Index Checker to check for which keywords your competitor's products are indexed.

Also, if you are not indexed for an important keyword, the index checker shows you which steps you have to do to get indexed for it.

The next tool is Misspellinator.

Missspellinator is simply a GREAT tool.

That's why misspelled search terms often have little to no competition and are a great way to boost sales. And Misspellinator shows you all keywords with search volume, that people often misspell.

These were my results for the search term purple.

Helium 10 Misspellinator

You have to plug them into your product listing backend to get ranked for them. This is definitely the easiest way to close more sales with zero effort. And it also works great for beginners.

Maintenance with Helium 10 (9/10)

In fact, maintenance is not what moves the needle, but it's important to run a sustainable business over years.

Just imagine how hard it would be for you if you spent months building a really profitable business, only to get backfired by 50% because of one slight mistake.

In terms of maintenance, Helium 10 provides four first-class Tools:


Alerts continuously monitor all your ASINs and alert you immediately if another seller attempts to sell counterfeit products or usurp your brand authority.

Inventory Protector

Product launches involve some weaknesses. Protect your promotions from bad faith competitors or coupon stackers that can wipe out your entire inventory.


This tool enables you to see all your financial data and your sales data in one place.

Refund Genie

Get your money back from Amazon quickly by automating the complicated FBA reimbursement process for lost or damaged inventory.

The Final Choice: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout vs Sellics vs Viral Launch vs AMZScout

For serious Amazon Sellers who really focus on private labeling, the choice really comes down to two options: Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Helium 10 gives you the better tools and more market insights. The tool itself is better, the data is better — all of it.

The only difference is that Helium 10 is more expensive than Jungle Scout. However, if you want a Jungle Scout subscription that's really worth it, you will nearly have to pay the same price.

And also, Jungle Scout's Chrome extension is not included within the monthly subscription plans.

At the end of the day, this is an extremely easy choice for me. Helium 10 is my first choice when it comes down to Amazon FBA.

What to do next?

If you're ready to start an Amazon Business, get Helium 10 and read through these Amazon FBA guides:

And these Helium 10 Guides:

When you read through all these posts, you have learned a lot about Helium 10 and Amazon FBA.

Now it's time to take action and choose the right product, set up a killer product launch and close your first sale.

Remember that it isn't that easy as it sounds, but everything is possible.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is CONSISTENCY.

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