21 Great Amazon Chrome Extensions To Master The Amazon Game

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If you want to start a business on Amazon, there're lots of things you have to struggle with.

Here're just a few examples of what you've to handle:

  • Product Research
  • Sourcing
  • Advertising
  • Fees
  • Lots more

After all, managing all these tasks can be very painful, especially for a beginner.

But if you do not perform all these tasks successfully, you actually will be most likely to fail.

Consequently, you'll be annoyed that you have wasted all your valuable time and money on it.

That's the bad news.

Yet, the good news is that there are super helpful tools out there to help you.

They will save you tons of time and double your chance of success.

If you want to know, which tools get the job done and really help you, you've come to the right place. 

Here's a comprehensive list of 21 awesome Amazon Chrome Extensions that help you do better product launches, close more sales and make more money:

21 Great Amazon Chrome Extensions

1. AMZScout Pro

AMZScout Pro Extension

AMZScout Pro is one of the best allies of true Amazon Pros.

If you want, you can stop reading this article and go here to sign up for free.

AMZScout Pro provides comprehensive features that enable you to find the needle in the haystack.

Furthermore, the UX of this tool is simply GREAT.

This extension has multiple features, for example, you can see the history of product sales, you can estimate sales and monthly income, calculate FBA rates automatically, and much more.

You can access the Pro functions of this extension for free and then get a paid plan for more uses per month.

You can get AMZScout Pro here.

2. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Screenshot Chrome Extension

If you are a seller, you may already know Jungle Scout, one of the best All-in-One tools for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout is vital for your Amazon FBA business because it allows you to research everything about a product, from its category to its daily sales volume.

You can even find suppliers for your product.

To get the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you have to pay a plan close to $ 100.

As you can see, this is also an Amazon Chrome Extension for experts, essential if you already have experience with Amazon FBA.

You can get the Jungle Scout Chrome extension here.

3. Helium 10

Helium 10 Amazon Chrome Extension

Here's another one of the true pro tools: Helium 10.

This Amazon Chrome Extension has a ton of features.

It allows you to analyze sales data, spy on the competition, and find products worth investing in, calculate profitability and lots more.

If you are an Amazon FBA seller and want to make thousands of dollars, use this extension.

You won't regret it.

You can sign up for the free plan of Helium 10's Chrome Extension here.

4. Amazeowl

Amazeowl Desktop

We move on to the next Chrome Extension called Amazeowl, an excellent tool for sellers with which you can get useful data to validate your product ideas.

They not only provide a Chrome Extension, but also a Web App you can use to get product ideas and analyze your competition.

How does it work?

Like any other Extension:

Install the Amazon Chrome Extension, visit the product listing of your choice on Amazon and then click on the extension.

After all, you will see a box on your screen.

In this box, you can see the products and lots of useful data.

You're also able to set some filters.

This extension includes a very useful save button, where you can save any product at the time you want.

A great tool that you can take advantage of.

You can get the amazeowl Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

5. FBA Calculator

AMZScout Profit Calculator

Our next Amazon Extension: AMZScout's FBA Calculator.

This simple extension assists you in FBA rates and calculates the profitability of your product.

All that you have to do is to enter some relevant data such as shipping costs or production costs.

Once this is done, the tool shows you a calculation of your product.

A characteristic of this extension is that you can do all your calculations without having to leave the product page.

You can get AMZScout FBA Calculator here.

6. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Screen

Unicorn Smasher is an Amazon Chrome Extension created by AMZtracker.

For the seller, it turns out to be an excellent research tool since it allows thorough and precise searches of any product.

Unicorn Smasher allows you to observe prices, comments, ratings, bestseller ranking, and estimated sales.

If you want to start with Amazon FBA, do not hesitate to try this free tool that will help you a lot.

You will get it here.

7. FBA Calculator for Amazon Sellers

FBA Calculator for Amazon Sellers

This is a simple Chrome Extension called FBA calculator.

How does it work?

The FBA calculator allows you to perform a profit analysis to know if the product you want to sell on Amazon is worth it or not.

Best of all, you can do this with just two clicks.

First, head over to Amazon and search for a product.

Then, click on the Chrome Extension and fill in the price, its cost, and the shipping fee to Amazon.

Finally, the tool shows you all the relevant information you need to know if the product is useful or not.

As you can see, you can use this calculator to study market data andplaying it safe when launching a product on Amazon.

You can go here and get the FBA calculator from the Chrome Web Store.

8. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Amazon Assistant

We continue with the third Amazon Chrome Extension: Amazon Assistant, an original extension from Amazon itself.

The contrary is that this extension is not made for sellers, but buyers.

It greatly helps buyers to compare prices between products and discover new ones.

Yet, if you are a seller, you can view the deals of the day and the best offers that are trending.

Through this extension, you will be able to see more broadly the sales landscape on Amazon, so you will know when it will be convenient to make offers and take advantage of them effectively.

Despite being an extension for buyers, it's also vital for any Amazon seller out there.

You can get the Amazon Assistant for Chrome here.

9. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

Amazon is a place where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online, and like with every search query, it requires a specific keyword to start.

This Amazon Chrome extension offers you the following benefits:

  • Discover words that are relevant to Amazon FBA products.
  • Get the search volume of the keywords you require.

Without a doubt, that's a great tool if you want to start out.

You can get the Amazon FBA Keyword Tool here.

10. AMZ Keyword Suggestion Tool

AMZ Keyword Suggestion Tool provides useful terms to help you position your product on Amazon.

This tool helps you track the search terms and products that people request when they search for something on Amazon.

In the "search word" field, you just have to enter the term you want or a product category.

Instantly, a list of keyword options will be displayed that you can add to your Amazon Listing.

It is a free extension. You can get it here.

11. MozBar

Moz Bar

Moz created this extension, and through it, you can see how many links an Amazon page itself has.

How you can use it?

Head over to an Amazon product page and MozBar will show you the existing links from several pages.

You can use MozBar to discover affiliate websites and publications associated with your competition. 

Contact these websites and ask them to link with you.

This Chrome extension can project your FBA business to other levels.

You can get the MozBar here.

12. AMZ Superman seller tool

We continue with AMZ Superman seller tool, which allows you to find and discover profitable and best-selling products.

AMZ Superman also allows you to view the price history of any Amazon product.

You can see detailed product information next to the title, such as its range.

It has extra functions that can be activated by keyboard shortcuts. For example, pressing "Ctrl + I" will display the product price history on the screen.

For any seller, this Chrome extension for Amazon is very functional, especially to have a broader view and thus identify trends and patterns based on historical data.

You can get the AMZ Superman seller tool for Chrome here.

13. META SEO Inspector

Meta Tag Seo Inspector

META SEO inspector is related to SEO.

It's not a typical Amazon Chrome Extension, but some people might find this tool useful.

Using this extension, you can access a list with a lot of information, for example, the meta-information of an Amazon page.

You can get the META SEO Inspector extension here.

14. Keepa

Keepa Amazon Chrome Extension

You may have already seen this tool if you are an experienced seller.

Keepa is an extension with different features and functions, from importing a wish list to comparing Amazon's international prices (CO, UK, DE).

It also shows you charts with the price history, and you can configure alerts for when a price falls or to find out about the availability of a product.

This Chrome Extension is perfect to vary prices.

You can get Keepa for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store here.

15. Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

Another tool that distinguishes among many is this extension of SellerApp, which helps you investigate Amazon keywords.

It has a generator of important keyword suggestions, very easy to use.

All you have to do is insert the keyword you want to get keyword suggestions for; then click on "enter."

The result will be a large number of keywords that you can use to positioning your product, optimize your Amazon Listing and lots more.

You can get Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store here.

16. Amazon Discount Finder

Amazon Discout Finder

If you are a fan of discounts, this extension will help you discover all those products that are on sale.

Amazon Discount Finder differs from the rest because you can customize the search by country and find great discounts on products, even up to 90%.

You can get Amazon Discount Finder here.

17. Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tool and Optimizer

Amazon Keyword Research Tool and Optimizer

This is one of the tools with more features.

In addition to being an extension for keyword research, it has other important utilities.

One of them is that it shows you the change in keyword trends every 14 days. Great feature.

You can get Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tool & Optimizer here.

18. Data Scraper

Data Scraper

Here we have an extension that will allow you to extract data from your competition.

Data Scrapper can easily extract all questions and answers from competing products, so you can analyze them and gain a big advantage.

You can get Data Scraper here.

19. The Camelizer

The Camelizer

This Chrome Extension allows you to view historical data of any product on Amazon, specifically, prices.

You just need to be on one page of any product, click on the extension icon and a window will appear on the screen with the product price history.

Another feature is that you can monitor price fluctuations and configure alerts.

A very effective tool if you want to compare prices with other sellers.

You can get The Camelizer here.

20. DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View

It is an application that allows you to obtain information about any product.

Suing this extension, you can see the product price history, add seller information, and view full product details on the search page.

It is free and easy to use, so don't need to be an expert.

You can get DS Amazon Quick View here.

21. Extensity


We reach the last Amazon Chrome Extension, and although it is not an Amazon Extension, it is important to have it.

Extensity allows you to organize all the Chrome Extensions you have in your browser, so you can enable and disable all Amazon Chrome Extensions.

Not only is it useful for Amazon Extensions, but you can also use it in a general way.

It should never be missed in your browser.

You can get it here.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there're lots of Amazon Chrome Extension out there to help you become a successful Amazon seller.

If you're looking for some more comprehensive tools for Amazon sellers, you might check this list about popular Amazon seller tools.

Last but not least:

Did we forget an Amazon Chrome Extension?

If so, let us know in the comments below.

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