Top 18 Amazon Chrome Extensions Every Seller Needs to Know

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If you want to sell on Amazon, you have to consider a lot of things. Here are just a few examples:

Managing all of these tasks can be painful, especially if you're a beginner.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that there are plenty of Chrome Extensions that can help you with your work.

Here's a list of the 18 best Amazon Chrome Extensions that every Amazon seller needs to know.

The 18 Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

1. Helium 10 XRay

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 XRay is the best Amazon Chrome Extension.

It allows you to analyze sales data, spy on your competition, use a profit calculator, and more. It's definitely the most comprehensive Amazon Chrome Extension on this list. You should check out all features here.

Also, Helium 10 recently added some new functionalities to it:

  • You can now use XRay to find reliable suppliers directly on Alibaba
  • You can browse on Alibaba and analyze the demand for products on Amazon
  • They integrated Cerebro (keyword tool) within XRay

Another advantage of Helium XRay is that you can use it for free.

You can sign up here for free or use this 50% discount code:

2. Jungle Scout Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, you may know Jungle Scout – it's one of the best all-in-one tools for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout Extension allows you to analyze sales-relevant product data. You can check out average daily orders, monthly revenue, historical sales data, and more.

Jungle Scout starts at $29/month. However, they offer a 14-day risk-free trial.

You can get Jungle Scout with a 30% discount here:

3. AMZScout Pro

AMZScout Pro Extension

AMZScout Pro is one of the most popular Amazon Chrome Extensions.

It provides features with which you can find the needle in the haystack. You can analyze historical product sales, estimated monthly sales, calculate Amazon FBA fees, and more.

You can try the Pro features for free and then get a paid plan later if you want more uses per month.

You can sign up here for free.

4. FBA Calculator by AMZScout

AMZScout Calculator

FBA Calculator is one of the most essential Chrome Extensions for Amazon sellers.

You can calculate Amazon FBA fees and the profitability of a product. All you need to do is to enter relevant data, such as shipping costs or production costs. The tool then shows you a complete financial calculation.

You can get the FBA Calculator here.

5. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher allows you to analyze prices, comments, ratings, Amazon Sales Rank (BSR), estimated sales, and more. If you want to build an FBA business, don't hesitate to try this free tool.

You can get it here.

6. FBA Calculator by SellerApp

FBA Calculator for Amazon Sellers

This FBA calculator also allows you to perform a profit analysis to know whether the product you want to sell on Amazon is worth it or not.

First, search for an Amazon product. Then, click on the Chrome Extension and fill in the price, production costs, shipping costs, and so on. Finally, the tool shows you a financial calculation.

You can get it here.

7. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is a Chrome Extension developed by Amazon.

It's actually a Chrome Extension for buyers, but it's also useful for Amazon sellers.

You can compare the prices between products, discover new products, view the deals of the day, and check out other trending products.

You can get it here.

8. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

Buyers search for products on the Amazon marketplace using keywords.

With Amazon FBA Keyword Tool, you can discover relevant keywords and get estimated search volumes for each one.

Without a doubt, this is a great tool if you want to become an Amazon FBA seller.

You can get it here.

9. MozBar

Moz Bar

MozBar is one of the most popular Chrome Extensions for Google SEOs.

You can navigate to a product listing, activate MozBar, and see how many external links point to that listing.

Thereby, you can discover affiliate websites and other sites that link to your competitors. You can contact these websites and ask them to link to your listing instead.

You can get MozBar here.

10. META SEO Inspector

Meta Tag Seo Inspector

META SEO Inspector isn't a typical Amazon Chrome Extension. It's an SEO tool. With this Chrome Extension, you can see the meta-information of Amazon product pages.

You can get the META SEO Inspector Extension here.

11. Keepa

Keepa Amazon Chrome Extension

Keepa is a Chrome Extension with different features, from importing a wish list to comparing Amazon's international prices (CO, UK, DE) in real-time. It also shows you charts with the price history, and you can configure alerts for price changes. It's perfect for analyzing the prices of an Amazon product.

You can get Keepa here.

12. Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

Amazon Keyword Tool by Seller App

This tool generates keyword ideas based on one seed keyword, and it's straightforward to use. All you have to do is type in the seed keyword you want to get keyword suggestions for.

The result will be a list with many keywords that you can use to optimize your Amazon Listing and your Amazon PPC campaigns.

You can get Amazon Keyword Tool here.

13. Amazon Discount Finder

Amazon Discout Finder

This tool helps you discover all reduced products on the Amazon marketplace. You can also search for discounted products by country.

You can get Amazon Discount Finder here.

14. Amazon FBA Keyword Research Tool and Optimizer

Amazon Keyword Research Tool and Optimizer

This is a Chrome Extension for keyword research.

You can find many relevant keywords, and the Chrome Extension also shows you the changes in keyword rankings.

You can get it here.

15. Data Scraper

Data Scraper

Data Scrapper can extract all Q&As from competing products, and you can analyze them and gain a significant competitive advantage.

You can get Data Scraper here.

16. The Camelizer

The Camelizer

This Chrome Extension allows you to view historical price data of any product on Amazon. You can also monitor price fluctuations and configure alerts.

You can get it here.

17. DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View

With this Chrome Extension, you can see product information quickly by hovering over Amazon products. It helps you to increase your productivity.

It's free and easy to use.

You can get DS Amazon Quick View here.

18. Extensity


Although this is not a Chrome Extension especially for Amazon sellers, it's essential to have it. 

Extensity allows you to organize all the Chrome Extensions you use in your browser.

You can get it here.


As you can see, there're lots of Chrome Extensions to help you with your Amazon business. Here's a summary of all the Amazon Chrome Extensions we've mentioned in this article:

If you're looking for more comprehensive tools for Amazon sellers, check out this article about the best Amazon seller tools.

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