smartminded is all about chances from which your business can benefit. Chances that the era of digitalization brings with it.

With our knowledge in E-Business, E-Commerce & Online Marketing, we can help you take advantage of these chances.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or an executive – there is something for you on smartminded.

Our articles focus on selling products through Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace. Thereby, we concentrate on Fulfillment by Amazon – also known as FBA

This service offers online sellers the opportunity to sell their products globally and outsource logistical tasks like storage, packaging, shipping, and customer service to Amazon.

Our guide on how to become an Amazon Seller tells you everything you need to know to successfully sell your products through Amazon. Moreover, we have created many other useful guides. For example, our article about the best Amazon Seller Tools or the best Alibaba alternatives.

Our Work

Originally, smartminded started as a blog about selling on Amazon.

But today, we do not only publish articles for Amazon sellers. We now cover a wide area of business topics and continually work hard to expand our website content.

However, one thing will always remain – smartminded will always be a blog with a clear focus on doing business online.

Online business is not only crucial for startups – every company should bring their business online to grow in the long run.

We want to make smartminded the place to get information about online business software, plus comprehensive guides on how to use them. That is what smartminded is about – a complete guide for small companies to grow online.

Our Team

Moritz Bauer

Email: info [at] smart-minded [dot] com

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During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Moritz Bauer recognized that digitalization will fundamentally change the marketing strategies of small businesses.

After founding an online store and successfully referring customers to medium-sized companies through Online Marketing, he founded the company smartminded GmbH.

Today, Moritz Bauer shares his knowledge within more than 200 professional articles in the fields of Amazon FBA, E-Commerce, and Websites.

Of course, there are also articles on smartminded by external experts with extensive knowledge in their field. Plus, you can also find articles by internal employees who deal intensively with certain topics.

You can get in touch with Moritz Bauer personally via LinkedIn.

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Email: info [at] smart-minded [dot] com

Phone: +49 7720 6099939