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    Use our AI generator for your product name

    Our product name generator can help you find the perfect name for your product. With just one click, our artificial intelligence-based generator delivers customized suggestions that are an ideal fit for your product.

    In doing so, the AI generator adapts to your specific details and creates perfectly fitting name suggestions. Use our product name generator to get a concise name that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.


    Legal issues in the selection of the product name:

    • Checking the product name: Make sure that the name you have chosen is not trademarked.
    • Register product name as a trademark: Consider registering the product name as a trademark to protect it legally and avoid potential conflicts.
    • Competition law: make sure your product name is not misleading or contains false promises to avoid competition law problems.
    • Copyright: When modifying existing names or slogans, be careful not to infringe copyright.
    • Cultural sensitivity: make sure your product name does not have offensive or inappropriate connotations in the markets in which you operate.
    • Legal advice: Consider consulting with a trademark or business law attorney to avoid legal stumbling blocks when naming your business.

    The selection of the appropriate product name

    The name of your product is a crucial factor for your success. It is associated with your brand and significantly influences the perception customers have of your product.

    Descriptive product names give a clear idea of what the product does or what function it has. Examples include Head & Shoulders, Air Wick, PlayStation and NutriGrain.

    These names indicate the features or benefits of the product without describing them directly. You can use metaphors or analogies to evoke emotions or images related to the product. Examples include Jaguar, Pampers and Spotify.

    These names have no direct or obvious connection to the product or its features. They are often completely new invented words or word combinations. They are unique and can provide a high level of brand differentiation, but often require more effort and resources for brand building. Examples of this are “Kodak” or “Google”.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about product names

    A good product name is important because it is the first thing customers read about a product. A good product name can attract attention and help cement a product in customers' minds.

    A good product name is critical to the success of a product and serves several functions. Here are the key elements that make a good product name:

    • Memorability: Good product names are memorable. They stick in the memory of the customers. Short, concise names with words that are easy to spell and pronounce tend to be memorable.
    • Relevance: A good product name should represent the core or purpose of the product. This could be a feature of the product, the benefit to the customer, or the brand message.
    • Differentiation: A good product name should be unique to differentiate the product from the competition. This helps to strengthen the identity and positioning of the product in the market.
    • Positive associations: Good product names generate positive associations or emotions in customers. They can be creative and suggestive to evoke a particular image or feeling.
    • Adaptability and scalability: A good product name should also be flexible enough to allow for growth or expansion of the product range. It should not be too specific or restrictive so that it can be adjusted or scaled as needed.
    • Brand match: The product name should fit well with your brand and match your brand values and messages. This helps to build a coherent brand identity.

    Finding the perfect product name is a creative process. Here are some points that can help you do that:

    • Understand your brand: before you begin the naming process, be clear about what your brand represents. What are your values, vision and mission?
    • Define your target audience: a good understanding of your target audience can help you come up with a name that appeals and resonates with them.
    • Brainstorming: This step requires creativity. Write down all the names that come to mind. At this stage, the goal is to collect as many options as possible.
    • Use our generator: To boost brainstorming you can use our product name generator. With our generator you will receive suggestions based on your information.
    • Solicit feedback: You can solicit feedback from customers, friends, family or colleagues to see how the name resonates with them. You could also use professional market research services to test how the name resonates with your target audience.

    Yes, the product name is an important part of your brand. It can influence the tone and perception of your brand and help connect with customers.

    You can check this by searching the relevant trademark register for your region. It is also advisable to consult a lawyer to ensure that the name can be legally protected.

    Yes, product names can be changed, but it is important to remember that this can cause confusion and upset existing customers. It is best to choose the right name from the beginning.

    You can test your product name by soliciting feedback from customers, friends and family. You can also use market research services to see how the name resonates with your target audience.

    Our Product Name Generator uses Artificial Intelligence to generate unique names for your products. You can specify a central keyword, a topic and descriptive adjectives. You can also specify the length of the product name. Our generator uses the GPT 3.5 AI model from OpenAI.

    Just enter a relevant keyword, a main topic and some adjectives. Select the length of the product name. The generator will then create a list of 5 suggested names.

    You can generate as many name suggestions as you need. There is no limit. Per click on the button "Generate Product Names" you will receive 5 suggestions for product names based on your input. There is no limit to how many times you can generate new name ideas.

    No, our product name generator is completely free.

    Before using a generated name, we recommend that you check its availability and legal aspects to ensure that it is not already trademarked. If the name meets all legal requirements for your product and is not legally protected, you can use the name immediately.

    In this case, you should choose another name or try variations of the desired name. Modifying a product name can be as simple as adding a descriptive word to highlight the uniqueness of the product. You could also use a portmanteau technique, where you put two relevant words or concepts together to create a new, memorable name.

    Yes, our generator creates names that can work well in many different languages. However, it is always a good idea to legally verify the selected name in the relevant markets.

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