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This article is about Helium 10 Magnet. You can use Helium 10 Magnet to search for excellent and relevant Amazon keywords.

An optimized Amazon Listing starts with one thing, a detailed keyword research.

You should make sure that your keywords are less competitive. Of course, your keywords should also be relevant, which means that the keywords should have a high search volume.

Because only if someone looks for your product, you can sell it.

If no one wants to buy your product, you will remain sitting on your inventory and will not be able to make some profit.

Helium 10 Magnet helps you to find the best amazon keywords for your listing that are highly relevant and less competitive.

Before you read this article, I recommend reading our two articles about the Helium 10 Black Box and Helium 10 Cerebro.

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Helium 10 Magnet Review

Before you use Helium 10 Magnet, you should already have several product ideas.

You can use The Helium 10 Black Box to get these product ideas.

You should also find out the keywords for which a product has rankings in Amazon search results.

You can do this with Helium 10 Cerebro.

Once you have completed these steps, you should have found a suitable main keyword.

Now you can use Helium 10 Magnet.

To use the tool, enter your main keyword in the field above, as shown in the screenshot below.

Helium 10 Magnet 1

Now, Helium 10 Magnet shows you an endless list of keywords related to your main keyword.

You can use all of these keywords to optimize your Amazon listing or to get a rough idea of what potential customers are looking for on Amazon.

Of course, you should go through the list and sort out keywords that you can't use.

But Helium 10 also offers other ways to sort keywords out and get only really relevant keywords.

For example, you have a lot of filters at your disposal. 

Let's take a closer look at the tool.

At the top, Helium 10 Magnet shows you basic information about your main keyword.

This includes, for example, the exact search volume, the number of keyword ideas, or various search terms that are related to your main keyword and are most frequently searched for by customers.

The Magnet IQ Score evaluates certain keywords according to their potential. If a keyword has a low Magnet IQ score, you should keep your hands off it.

CPR 8-Days Giveaways shows you how many products you have to give away within eight days of a new product launch to get to the first page of Amazon search results.

The screenshot below shows all the information Helium 10 Magnet provides.

Helium 10 Magnet 1

Now, we take a closer look at the filters. Helium 10 Magnet provides you with the opportunity to filter your keywords.

Helium 10 Magnet 2

For example, you can define a minimum or maximum search volume. You can also define the Magnet IQ Score or a certain number of competing products.

But that's not all. With Helium 10 Magnet you can select the number of words your keyphrase includes.

For example, if you insert "2", your keyphrase will have at least two words.

But you can also type "3" or "4" in the field. Then your keyphrase has at least three or four words.

This function is perfect for finding keywords with a high search volume and low competition.

Finally, you can include or exclude specific keywords.

Now let's look at the table you can see below.

On the right you can see the individual keywords. In the other columns, you can see basic data like the Magnet IQ Score or CPR-8 Day Giveaways.

You can also find out how many competing products a particular keyword has or how many Sponsored ASINS.

In the following screenshot, you can see exactly which data Helium 10 Magnet spits out.

Helium 10 Magnet 3

I find the "sort by" function particularly useful. You can really filter the list by any criteria.

For example, you can display the keywords first, that have the smallest number of competing products.

So you can design your keyword research efficiently.

Helium 10 Magnet is currently by far the best Amazon keyword research tool on the market.

No other tool comes close to data quality and the number of keyword suggestions.

Helium 10 Magnet Pricing

You can use Helium 10 Magnet with all Helium 10 plans. The cheapest plan starts at $97 per month and the most expensive plan costs $397 per month.

With our coupon code, you can use all Helium 10 plans with a 50% discount.

Helium 10 Discount

Helium 10 - 50% Coupons
Get a 50% discount on your first month at Helium 10! Just add our coupon SMARTMINDED50 to your order. The discount is valid for the A La Carte Plan, the Platinum Plan and the Diamond Plan.
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Of course, Helium 10 also offers you an "A la Carte" - plan with which you can only use Helium 10 Magnet.

Accordingly, you have to pay less, to be exact $37 per month.

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