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The Amazon Research Tool Jungle Scout consists of a Web App and a Chrome Extension.

In this article, we would like to introduce the different functions of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and explicitly explain how the tool can be used to do product research.

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What functions does the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension provide?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension - Functions

Only recently, Jungle Scout added new functions and features for product research and Jungle Scout Chrome Extension was comprehensively revised.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is now even more user-friendly and offers more ways to find profitable Amazon FBA products.

Data quality has also been significantly improved to make informed decisions.

In the following, we would like to take a closer look at the different functions.


A significant advantage of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is the provision of data for Amazon products. With just one click, you get all sales-relevant data for every available product on Amazon.

When browsing through Amazon, the tool provides you with the average price, sales estimates, competition data, profit forecasts, and other essential data - in real-time!

Since the latest update, users can also access Google Trends data.

For Jungle Scout to display the products and associated data, you have to proceed as follows:

The product to be analyzed must be on the screen, and the Chrome Extension must be activated.

You can click on the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Plug-in button to the right of the URL input.

Jungle Scout then generates a clear list, as shown in the following figure: 

Mit der Jungle Scout Chrome Extension profitable Amazon FBA Produkte finden

You can limit the data by filter settings such as Amazon FBA fees, number of sellers, or product dimensions.

You can do this by clicking on the three stacked lines in the upper left corner of the extension and selecting the filter symbol.

The improved data display also allows zooming, so product prices and sales data can be displayed more clearly.

The data for each product can also be displayed individually. To do this, open the detailed view of a product within Amazon and then open the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

By clicking on "Extract Next Page" Jungle Scout Chrome Extension directly displays all products and data of the second page of the Amazon search results.

This feature saves you the hassle of switching back and forth, which is extremely helpful in practice.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension also offers the option of exporting these lists to Excel for later analysis.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension provides you with the following data for each product:

  • Brand
  • price
  • Category
  • Listing Quality Score
  • bestseller rank
  • Monthly sales
  • Daily sales
  • Monthly turnover
  • Number of ratings
  • Average rating
  • Type of seller (FBA/FBM/AMZ)

Historical Analysis

You can also validate product ideas by historical data.

The historical sales data can be viewed by clicking on the number of sales in the sales column.

This feature gives you a better picture of how a product has sold over time, supported by historical sales data, and enables you to assess opportunities better.

The integrated data analysis AccuSales™ takes the guesswork off your shoulders and calculates a score based on monthly sales estimates, historical sales, and price data. 

Opportunity Score

Another help for product research is the Opportunity Score. With the help of this score, any product idea can be validated quickly and efficiently - or eliminated in case of doubt.

The in-house algorithm determines the potential of a product by combining demand, competition, and quality data.

The following data influence this score:

  • Units sold
  • Number of reviews
  • title
  • keywords
  • Number of photos
  • Quality of key points and description

Visibility of Sponsored Products

To keep an eye on your competitors, sellers who use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are also shown.

Mostly, sponsored Products get the first Place on an Amazon search result page.

With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can quickly identify these competitors and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Product Word Cloud

Furthermore, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension provides keyword ideas via the Product Word Cloud.

If you're looking for specific products with prescribed criteria, you can find other relevant keywords within this category that customers are also searching.

Potential customers who enter "drinking bottle" in the Amazon search, for example, are often interested in "drinking bottle leak-proof." (picture is in german language)

You can display these suggestions by clicking on the small cloud with the many dots in the lower right corner of the Chrome Extension.

Keywords that are related to specific search queries are displayed as in the following screenshot.

Mit der Jungle Scout Chrome Extension profitable Amazon FBA Produkte finden Product Cloud

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension offers the following additional information:

  • Development of turnover and sales figures
  • Historical price development (AccuSales™)
  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Opportunity score
  • PPC campaigns
  • Keyword Inspiration
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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – Find Products

In these days, the Amazon FBA market is occupied by many high-quality sellers, so finding a niche has become a real challenge.

That's why using a professional Amazon research tool is more important than ever. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an excellent tool for collecting and evaluating many potential product ideas.

Let's take the following product criteria as an example:

  • Category: Kitchen utensils
  • Maximum weight: 2 kg
  • Minimum turnover: 2.000 € per month
  • Maximum ratings: 50
  • Best Seller Rank > 500

Let's narrow down the search even further by defining "knife block" in the kitchen utensils category.

With the Product Word Cloud, you can now find more keywords in this area and move further into a niche.

Just enter "Knife Block" in the search field and click on the small cloud in the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

The result will look like this (picture is in german language):

How To: Mit der Jungle Scout Chrome Extension profitable Amazon FBA Produkte finden

The window in the middle of the screen now shows the top keywords. For example, many customers are interested in bamboo knife blocks.

This search term can be used to drill even deeper to find a profitable product niche with Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

Once you've found a promising keyword, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension allows you to conveniently check whether the product is suitable or not using precise data.

The two most important key figures when selecting an Amazon FBA product are sales and ratings.

The turnover should be as high as possible, whereas the ratings should be as negative as possible.

Conclusion - Why do I need Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

Knowledge is power! With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, you can access comprehensive data to make informed decisions.

Chrome Extension makes it possible to analyze the market comprehensively and does not disregard any relevant data.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is complemented by smart algorithms that make it easy to identify profitable product opportunities.

The tools, therefore, relieve you of most of the work, as the average revenue or other factors no longer have to be laboriously researched "by hand."

Within seconds, Jungle Scout Chrome Extension provides insightful data, allowing product ideas to be efficiently checked based on key figures.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced sellers to find profitable Amazon FBA products. 

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