How to Use Helium 10 Chrome Extension to Find Great Products

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Researching awesome products to sell on Amazon can be disturbing. There're already thousands of sellers for nearly every product out there.

So what should you do?

The answer is: Do even more research.

Having a great tool at your hand can be very helpful, especially if you want to launch your first product on Amazon.

If you did a bit of research, you may already know Helium 10 Xray.

It's a powerful data-driven tool of Helium 10 and it shows you all the data you need to make informed decisions.

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How to Set up Helium 10's Chrome Extension

First of all, Helium 10's Chrome Extension is not called Helium 10's Chrome Extension. 

Sounds confusing?

No. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Chrome Extensions out there.

Helium 10's Chrome Extension = Helium 10 Xray. Try to keep this in mind :)

If you want to download and install Xray, click here and download it from the Google Chrome Store. Of course, you'll need the Chrome Browser, which you can also download here.

After you've downloaded Xray, you should see it in the Chrome Browser next to the URL field.

Here's how it should look like:

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

What you've to keep in mind is that you've to head over to Amazon to use Helium 10's Chrome Extension. You can't use it when you're on Facebook or any other website out there.

So let's head over to Amazon and see what Helium 10 Xray can do for you.

Helium 10 Xray: Features

First, let's assume that you've certain parameters for a specific product in mind.

At the end of the day, you've to find products that lots of people are searching for and products that are not that competitive.

If there're already thousands of sellers for a specific product, it would not be a good idea to sell the same product.

So, for example, these could be:

  • Minimum turnover of $5000
  • Maximum reviews of 50
  • Maximum competing products of 100

Of course, you can further limit your research with several criteria such as weight, Amazon FBA feesor the number of images.

What you've to do now is to use Helium 10's Black Box to find such products. It's an extremely valuable tool that gives you hundreds of product ideas in seconds.

Here's how it looks like:

Helium 10 Black Box Product Research

If you want to learn more about product research, check our article on how to find products to sell on Amazon.

But for now, let's get back to the point and assume that you already found an awesome product idea using Black Box.

I recently found a super interesting product. It is a surgical suture set.

Let's analyze the niche of the surgical suture set on Amazon. To do so, go to Amazon and enter "Surgical Suture Set" into the search bar.

Here's what you will see:

Amazon Suche

Now, click on Helium 10's Chrome Extension in the upper right corner. 

Here's what you should see:

Helium 10 XRay Chrome Extension

At a glance, you can see all the data you need to make informed decisions about your next Amazon product:

  • ASIN
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Category
  • Buy Box
  • Price
  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Sales
  • Trends
  • Reviews

Super useful.

You can also see average values, take a screenshot, add certain products on your bulletin board or export the list via .csv.

Helium 10 Xray provides other useful features, for example, Xray evaluates the listing of a product based on various criteria:

Evaluation Score

You can quickly see how a listing performs. Here's what Xray takes into account:

  • Product pictures
  • Listing Text
  • Reviews & Rating

You can quickly see if your competitors put a lot of time and energy into their listing or not.

In the right column, Xray suggests several criteria that a brilliant Amazon listing should meet.

Sales and BSR Analysis

You can also see the historical development of Amazon's Sales Rank and historical sales data:


Helium 10 Xray Profitability Calculator

You can start the Helium 10 Xray Profitability Calculator and directly calculate costs, margin, and fees for a Product.

Using this tool, you can see how costs are related to the margin and get a first impression of whether the product is worth selling or not.

Remember: If your profit margin is too low, it doesn't really matter what you do. You'll struggle to make enough money perhaps forever.

Here's how the Profitability Calculator looks like:

Helium 10 Profitability Calculator

On this screenshot, you can see which values Xray automatically determines for you. You can also enter certain values manually into it.

You may wonder why there are two values, one for the months January-September and one for the months October-December.

This is because Amazon charges different storage fees for the summer and winter months.

Here you can find a detailed article about all Amazon FBA fees.

Helium 10 Xray Inventory Levels

You can spy on the stock of your competitors. Just head over to a product on Amazon and check Inventory Levels.

Inventory Levels

Here's what you should see:

Inventory Levels

Helium 10 Xray Review Downloader

You can download all Amazon reviews of your competitors and filter them according to various criteria:

  • Period
  • Different behaviors (helpful, verified purchase, with pictures, with videos)
  • Ratings
Helium 10 Review Downloader

For what?

Because you need to know about the most common mistakes of your competitors. If you know them, you can avoid them.

Put this strategy into your overall Amazon SEO strategy and you'll be able to easily outrank your competitors.

Hope This Article Was Helpful

No matter which tool you use to find products to sell on Amazon or to validate product ideas, you should always make sure that you aim for products with high demand and low competition.

Helium 10's Chrome Extension is an excellent tool to get all data you need to make solid decisions.

However, if you're not that excited, check out Jungle Scout's Chrome Extension.

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