Vendavo provides a price optimization and CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software solution aimed at enabling global manufacturers and distributors to achieve predictable and profitable outcomes.

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What is Vendavo?

Vendavo, rooted in the tech-rich ecosystem of Mountain View, California, presents a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at revolutionizing how global manufacturers and distributors establish their pricing strategies and manage customer proposals. Their software is specifically designed to bridge complex data analysis and strategic price setting, allowing businesses to optimize their pricing in a manner that promotes profitability and efficiency. By leveraging advanced data analytics, Vendavo's software enables companies to parse through vast volumes of sales data, market trends, and customer behavior, empowering them to set prices that are not only competitive but also strategically aligned with their overall business goals. A pivotal component of Vendavo's offering is its CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution, which streamlines and automates the proposal and pricing process. This tool is crucial for businesses looking to reduce the time spent on creating proposals while also ensuring accuracy and consistency across all sales quotes. By integrating real-time pricing guidance and configurations into the proposal generation process, Vendavo's CPQ system makes it possible for sales teams to quickly respond to market changes and customer needs, fostering a more dynamic and responsive sales strategy. The result is a more agile, informed, and efficient approach to pricing and quoting, designed to improve sales performance and drive revenue growth. Furthermore, Vendavo's commitment to driving predictable, profitable outcomes is reflected in its emphasis on actionable insights and measurable results. The software not only helps in identifying optimal pricing strategies through sophisticated algorithms but also provides users with the tools to track the impact of these strategies on their business performance. With features that cater to a range of industries, from chemicals to high-tech, Vendavo ensures that businesses can tailor their pricing and sales approach to meet the unique demands of their market, thereby enhancing their competitive edge and ensuring long-term profitability.




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