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Create your digital signature

With our free signature generator you can create your digital signature effortlessly. The generator works with all browsers, regardless of the platform you use.

You can use your digital signature to sign any kind of document. A digital signature is just as legally valid as a handwritten signature.

We are also committed to data protection – no records of your digital signature is stored. Everything takes place in your browser and only you have access to your signature.


Benefits of a digital signature

Our signature generator is simple, fast and for free. So what are the concrete benefits of the signature generator and a digital signature?

The signature generator saves costs by eliminating expenses for paper, ink, storage and document management.

The signature generator eliminates time-consuming printing, manual signing and scanning.

The use of digital signatures and documents saves CO2 and contributes to climate protection.

Using digital signatures minimizes the risk of document tampering. Moreover, our signature generator does not store any data. Everything happens in your browser.

The use of electronic documents enables efficient use of storage space. Signed digital documents can be easily stored on electronic devices and retrieved whenever they are needed.

Your signature, your personality

Your signature is undoubtedly an expression of your personality. After all, there is no one in the world with a signature identical to yours. Let’s explore what your signature could say about you.

Signatures of prominent personalities

Check out the signatures of famous personalities. Each signature tells its own story and reveals the individual style and character of the celebrities.

Use digital signatures for different documents

Digital signatures offer you the opportunity to sign a wide range of documents, including employment contracts, rental agreements or certificates. The only important thing is that the document to be signed is free of formalities.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about digital signatures

What is a signature generator?

A signature generator is a tool that you can use to create a digital signature. You can use your digital signature to sign all kinds of documents. With our signature generator you can create your digital signature and then download it as an image file.

Will you use my signature after I create it on this page?

No. Any signature created on this site through our signature generator is not saved. We do not store any record of your signature (or your document) and we do not share it with others.

How legally valid are digital signatures?*

Digital signatures are legally valid in various countries and industries. Although they are created with a signature generator, they function like handwritten signatures and can be used in court and legal proceedings. It is important to note that the signed document needs to be free of formalities. In addition, it is always necessary to clarify the specific rules for digital signatures in the respective country.

Can I sign any document with a digital signature from this site?

Yes, you can. You can sign as many documents as you need and your signature is legally valid. The only thing that matters is that the document you sign is free of formalities. With our signature generator you can sign any type of document, such as contracts, forms, offers, applications and much more. With this signature generator, it's easier than ever to add a signature to any document.

Are digital signatures the same as handwritten signatures?

Digital signatures work in exactly the same way as handwritten signatures. They have the same legal validity as a regular signature. You can use digital signatures to sign documents without printing a single sheet of paper. You just need to use our signature generator and create your digital signature with the tool. The only important thing is that the signed document is free of formalities.

How to create a digital signature?

You can sign on a white sheet of paper and then scan your signature to obtain it in a digital format. You can also use our signature generator to create a digital signature.

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