Sellics Review: Is This Amazon Tool Worth It?

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Amazon is the greatest marketplace of products on the planet, and the global selling site offers small businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get their products shown to millions of customers every single day.

However, with so many sellers competing for sales, gaining the visibility needed to gain maximized potential is one of the hardest challenges of all.

Could Sellics be the answer? - This is what you will find out in our Sellics Review.

Whether you’re a new Amazon seller looking to start your venture on the front foot or an experienced marketplace user hoping to take your selling to the next level, Sellics promises to deliver great results. Let’s find out whether it lives up to the billing.

Sellics Review - What Is Sellics?

Launched back in 2014, Sellics is a package of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) tools designed to help sellers make the most of their Amazon shops through advanced analytics and SEO.

Originally limited to a simple SEO keyword tracker, the platform is now a one-stop-shop for selling on Amazon.

The package is also available as a Vendors package. However, the Sellers package is the one that most people will be interested in using. It is open to anyone with Seller Central accounts.

Sellics can be used to enhance a range of features, including but not limited to:

Sellics Review / Key Features

Sellics is powered by an excellent interface and UX while the data protection is very high due to the fact Sellics takes minimal info from the Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) API, meaning credentials are not shared.

As for features, the one-stop selling platform focuses primarily on nine key features. They are as follows:

Product Detector

Deciding what to sell on Amazon is the first step en route to success, and the Sellics Product Detector feature can help you do it.

The tool collates information to present the top 10,000 Amazon best sellers all in one easy place.

These can then be filtered by Amazon sales rank, the number of reviews on Amazon, estimated sales, and other elements to make your job of discovering products that sell easier than ever.

Niche Analyzer

Amazon is a marketplace blessed with products from a wide range of categories, and there will be an audience for any niche.

Still, every seller wants to target a niche that boasts an opportunity to thrive. The Niche Analyzer tool looks at the cumulative number of sales in a category to shed light on whether it’s an area of selling that is worth pursuing and can help set expectation levels.

Keyword Rankings

Amazon search optimization relies heavily on keyword placement, and the Sellics database boasts over 180,000,000 Amazon keywords.

The tool enables you to research new keywords while also searching for the keywords that are performing well for other sellers that stock similar products to yours.

This gives you the best chance of ranking highly when potential buyers look for products like yours.


The Cockpit is an area of the Sellics platform that presents you with a plethora of data such as sales and profits, performance, reviews, keyword rankings, PPC performance, product sales, revenue share, and current sales rank.

It is the perfect place to gain an overview of your selling strategies to discover which areas are currently succeeding or require extra attention, because sales are decreasing.

Spy Tool

The Spy Tool provides insight into your competitors by looking at their sales and prices. This allows you to discover their best sellers, which can help you decide stock levels and understand profit margins and anticipated sales volume for your own inventory. This is particularly useful for spotting trends in the market. Meanwhile, the tool will notify you when another merchant tries to undercut you.

Inventory Management

Managing stock levels is a very tough challenge as you don’t want to miss out on sales but can’t afford to be left with surplus stock. The automated Inventory Management uses data analysis and algorithms to monitor stock levels and sales frequencies to reorder products at the perfect time. This keeps the business ticking over perfectly while also saving you valuable time.

Amazon Review Management

The importance of Amazon product reviews cannot be emphasized enough as most users will read several reviews before completing their purchase. The Review Management facility can notify you when a review is left. If it’s a positive review, that’s great. If it’s a negative one, you can quickly respond and try to rectify any mistakes so that the reviewer will remove or alter their review.

PPC Manager

Amazon PPC can be a great addition to your strategy, generating new product views and a spike in converted sales.

The PPC Manager tool analyzes a variety of metrics including but not limited to revenue, cost, CPC, CTR, orders, impressions.

This instantly shows you which campaigns are performing well, enabling you to focus your budget on the most effective ads.

Profit Dashboard

The Profit Dashboard is arguably the most important feature of the Seller Central platform. It factors in FBA fees, shipping fees, PPC costs, Amazon fees, promo value, cost of goods, and all other expenses and deducts them from your sales revenue to show a clear and accurate profit margin figure.

The facility updates every 5 minutes, so you’ll always be on top of the situation. Below you will find a screenshot of the Profit Dashboard.

Sellics Profit Dashboard EN

But Sellics has more to show:

Sellics Profit Calculator EN

Sellics Pricing - How Much Does Sellics Cost?

The Sellics pricing model is largely dictated by the volume of sales that a seller makes each year, which seems a fair method as it means smaller sellers can take advantage of a lower price until they reach the big time.

Users can pay monthly, bi-annually, or annually with prices starting at $47 per month (sellers with $1k-$60k of sales volume on an annual payment plan). All plans come with the full list of features too.

In the meantime, new users can sign up for a free 14-day trial for a risk-free temporary solution.

Sellics Review - Conclusion

Whether you’re an individual or the owner of a small business, the potential of Amazon selling should not be overlooked. Sellics is an affordable solution that will save you valuable time while also automating various aspects of the venture to provide clear insights, giving you an advantage over the competition to ensure your sales shoot through the roof.

For that reason, it has to be considered one o the most important assets in any seller’s arsenal.

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