Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch - What's the best Amazon Tool?

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To be successful as an Amazon seller, the right product with a lot of sales potential is essential.

Amazon seller tools are often very useful for the evaluation of a specific niche or a particular product.

Using a research tool doubles your chances of successfully selling on Amazon. 

For Amazon FBA Seller, a research tool is an absolute must-have.

In this article, we will compare two of the best Amazon research tools - Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch.

If you're also interested in Helium 10, you'll find a detailed review in our articles Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout and Helium 10 vs. Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout vs Viral launch

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is especially suitable for Amazon sellers who import products, do private labeling, and sell their private label products via Amazon FBA.

Jungle Scout offers two tools, the Jungle Scout Web App and the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

The web app supports Amazon FBA sellers in their product research. The Chrome Extension allows Amazon FBA sellers to view sales-relevant data such as sales estimates, estimated sold units and ratings for all products on the Amazon marketplace.

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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The first thing you do on Amazon.com is going to the category of the article you want to analyze, do a standard search or go to one of the bestseller pages.

What's important is that you can see the products you want to analyze on your desktop on Amazon. Then click on the Jungle Scout plug-in button in the Chrome Browser, on the right to the URL entry.

Now a list opens with many significant sales relevant data.

In the following, you will find an example: 


You have the following advantages with the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension:

  • View relevant data such as sales estimates

  • You don't have to go into every product listing to see more details
  • You get information about price, rank, brand, etc. at a glance
  • You can also use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for product research

Pro- and Lite Edition of the Chrome Extension

With the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro Edition you have several columns at your disposal, which provide you with further essential data.

Additional information with the Pro Edition:

  • Development of turnover and sales figures
  • Construction of the price
  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Product Opportunity Score

The Listing Quality Score is an algorithm that evaluates the quality of the product listing. The Product Opportunity Score is an algorithm that assesses the potential of a product based on the units sold, the competition, and the Listing Quality Score.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is, therefore, a valuable tool with which you can quickly check your product ideas and product niches.

You can find more detailed information in our article about the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

Jungle Scout Web App

Product Tracker

With the Product Tracker, you can monitor your products and those of your competitors. All you need is the URL or ASIN of the product you want to control.

As soon as you have added a product to the Product Tracker, all sales-relevant data will be recorded live.

For example, this tool is ideal for checking the seasonality and demand fluctuations of a product.

Product Database

With the Product Database, you can quickly and efficiently find good niches and do product research.

You can filter the entire Amazon marketplace by specific criteria to find exactly the products that have high sales potential and a low competition.

Product Database is perfect for product research.

Niche Hunter

The Niche Hunter contains several filters and works in the same way as the Product Database. However, the Niche Hunter does not filter individual products, but complete Amazon niches.

Supplier Database

With the Supplier Database, you can find a suitable supplier for your Amazon FBA products. You get a lot of information, for example about available suppliers and their business environment.

Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout Launch has been available since early 2019 and will take your product launch on Amazon to the next level.

The tool consists of two essential components. On the one hand, you can automatically contact your customers via e-mail to increase customer satisfaction and at the same time, ask for an evaluation.

Jungle Scout Launch offers you a marketplace where you can promote your discounted Amazon products and increase your organic search traffic immediately after the product launch.


With Jungle Scout's keyword tool, you can get many different keyword ideas to optimize your listing. An optimized listing has a positive effect on your organic search results.

A detailed description of all tools can be found in our article about the Jungle Scout Web App. Also, you will find two more excellent tools for Amazon keyword research.

Error of the Jungle Scout Web App

If you want to exclude all products or niches within the Product Database or the Niche Hunter with, for example, more than 50 ratings, the data is sometimes not filtered 100% exact from the database.

Sometimes products appear that have more than the specified number of ratings. Even though this error is scarce, you should always recheck your products on Amazon.


Depending on whether you already have an account at Amazon Seller Central or not, the prices will vary. For prospective sellers who have not yet registered in Amazon Seller Central, the following rates are available:

  • Jungle Scout (39$ / month)
  • Jungle Scout & Extension (49$ / month)
  • Extension ($228/year)
  • Extension Lite (97$ / year)

If you are already active as a seller, the prices depend on your monthly sales figures. The lowest rate is 49$ / month, while the most expensive rate is 399$ / month. You can view the exact price plans by clicking on the link below.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch (Viral Launch Coupon Code + Review) is also not just an Amazon FBA product research tool. Viral Launch offers you many other Amazon tools and services, for example, a launch service that takes care of your Amazon promotions.

Viral Launch's services and tools can be roughly divided into three areas:

  • Software (Tools)
  • Services
  • PPC Management

Viral Launch Tools

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Viral Launch Product Discovery is comparable to the Jungle Scout Product Database. You can filter products on the Amazon Marketplace by category, maximum and minimum sales, price, number of reviews, and many more criteria.

You can also set filters such as initial investment cost, initial net profit, average profit margin, and total net profit.

You can also analyze price and sales changes of a product. For example the price increase for a charger by 2% and the resulting sales increase by 110%.

Product Discovery is also a very powerful Amazon FBA tool for product research.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is based on a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates products according to their sales potential. The algorithm processes a variety of data to generate statistical correlations and define sales trends.

This tool is incredibly valuable for Amazon sellers looking for detailed information about a specific market. With Market Intelligence, you will only find products that make money.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

This tool works exactly like the Jungle Scout keyword tool. Viral Launch gives you the ability to analyze indexing, keyword rank, sponsored ads, sales, prices, ratings, search volume, notifications, and more. In general, Viral Launch has more filter options.

Competitor Intelligence

With Competitor Intelligence, you can mainly monitor the performance of your competitors in relation to specific keywords.

For example, you can enter the ASIN of a product in the tool, and a list of many essential and underutilized keywords will appear.

With the possibility to analyze the indexing of your products, sales, prices, ratings, search volume, sponsored ad rank, keyword rank, notification options and more, you can steal powerful keywords of your competitors. You can also integrate essential keywords into your listing that your competitors have not yet discovered.

With Competitor Intelligence you are always one step ahead

Split Testing

Listing Dojo is an ingenious tool with which you can split-test various elements of your listing to optimize sessions, sales, and profits.

You can test up to 7 variations of each price, title, image, and description. The tool tells you how each variety tested affects clicks, sessions, conversions, units ordered, gross sales, and net sales.

Amazon Keyword Optimization Tools

Listing analyzer

Listing Analyzer performs a SWOT analysis on the product listing and compares the position of your product with the competition. The tool then suggests immediately implementable measures.

Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager is a comprehensive analytics dashboard that shows you a lot of keyword data for your products.

Listing Builder

Listing Builder streamlines the listing creation process and enables you to develop a structured SEO-optimized listing from the start that maximizes your keyword ranking in Amazon search results.

Viral Launch Prices

Viral Launch offers four different subscription plans:

  • Beginner's Research Kit ($42 / month)
  • Pro Seller ($71 / month)
  • Brand Builder ($106 / month)
  • Data Hunter ($283 / month)

The prices for services are advertised on the Viral Launch website. You can view the different rates by clicking on the link below.

Jungle Scout or Viral Launch - What's better?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are two excellent tools. Jungle Scout is not necessarily better than Viral Launch, and Viral Launch is not necessarily better than Jungle Scout.

The tools are different and offer different functions and possibilities. While Jungle Scout is a great usability tool with an excellent user interface, Viral Launch offers more filter options.

Whether you need these filter options is up to you.

In our experience, Jungle Scout's filter options are entirely sufficient, especially since they are also very extensive.

Also, Jungle Scout offers you smart key figures that work based on complex algorithms, such as the Listing Quality Score or the Opportunity Score.

With Viral Launch, you can not only buy Amazon tools, but also book services. In contrast, Jungle Scout has a marketplace where many different freelancers offer their services.

The unique tools of Viral Launch are Competitor Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Split Testing. In contrast, Jungle Scout offers you the Supplier Database, which is a massive advantage for active Amazon sellers.

While Viral Launch only offers the service of managing and launching new Amazon products, Jungle Scout offers a complete tool that you can use for all your products.

We hope that we were able to help you with this comparison test. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with one of the two tools? Please let us know in the comment field below.

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