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No matter if you are thinking about selling your first product on Amazon or if you are already active as an Amazon seller.

You need an Amazon tool to help you with your daily tasks.

Because of the increasing competition on Amazon, tools must offer more than just functions that enable you to research profitable products.

Amazon tools should offer excellent marketing opportunities, analytics features, and a comprehensive competition analysis.

In our article, Jungle Scout vs. Sellics, we show you which tool provides Amazon Sellers with the best functions.

Jungle Scout and Sellics are two popular Amazon FBA tools. But which tool is better? Jungle Scout or Sellics?

Jungle Scout sees itself as the NUMBER ONE when it comes to product research on Amazon.

Also, Jungle Scout has launched two new features this year. And we are fascinated by it.

These are Jungle Scout Launch and the Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

You can also find a detailed description of Jungle Scout, and the two new features in our article about the Jungle Scout Web App and in this Jungle Scout Review.

Sellics is an all-in-one tool that covers almost all areas. So if you're looking for a single tool to manage your Amazon business, Sellics is probably the right choice.

Jungle Scout, however, is also characterized by a multitude of functions. In the following article, we will look at what these Amazon seller tools can provide and for whom which tool is suitable.

Jungle Scout vs. Sellics

In this Jungle Scout vs. Sellics review, we will look at the main features that an excellent Amazon tool should offer. Which tool provides Amazon Sellers with the best functions, Jungle Scout or Sellics?

But first of all, what should a good Amazon tool offer anyway?

An important aspect is product research. But also the optimization of the Amazon Listing, the tracking of products, analytics functions, marketing opportunities, and competition analysis are essential points.

In the following, we will compare the features of Jungle Scout and Sellics concerning the points listed.

Sellics vs Jungle Scout

Is product research better with Jungle Scout or Sellics?

Find products with Jungle Scout

As mentioned above, Jungle Scout sees itself as the NUMBER ONE when it comes to product research.

Jungle Scout is characterized by perfect usability, very accurate data, and beneficial key-figures, such as the Opportunity Score or the Listing Quality Score.

The Jungle Scout Product Database is available to you for product research, with which you can filter a product according to specific criteria.

Here are just a few filter options:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Gain
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Number of sales
  • Turnover
  • Ratings
  • Number of sellers
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Opportunity score

Of course, that wasn't all Jungle Scout has to offer for product research.

Jungle Scout also offers the Chrome Extension. Sellics does not provide a Chrome Extension.

Here you can find out more about the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

Learn more about our Jungle Scout Discount.

Find products with Sellics

Basically, like Jungle Scout, Sellics offers a product database.

You have many different filter options at your disposal and can find suitable products.

However, Jungle Scout offers you much more filtering options and smart metrics that are based on an algorithm and help you with your decisions.

With Sellics, you can only analyze data. You then have to draw your conclusions and make your own decisions.

We also think that the user interface of Jungle Scout is much more interesting than the user interface of Sellics.

Products Tracking

Tracking products Sellics

Let's start with Sellics here.

When it comes to tracking products, sales, profits, and competition, Sellics offers two features.

These two features are called "Competitor Monitoring" and "Profit."

With profit, you can track your turnover and your profits. Whenever you sell something on Amazon, the tool register that sale.

Your fees will then be deducted directly from your turnover, and you can see your net profit in the tool.

The Competitor Monitoring tool allows you to track your competitors' products. Below you can see a screenshot showing the dashboard of the tool (you can also track more data than sales and revenue):

sellics competitor monitoring

Tracking products with Jungle Scout

To track products, Jungle Scout offers the tool Product Tracker. With the Product Tracker, you can analyze various data on all products on Amazon.

You can also track products of your competitors.

The Product Tracker combines the two functions of Sellics in one tool.

Here you can find a screenshot where you can see the functionality of the tool.

Product Tracker

Amazon SEO, Listing Optimization & PPC Campaigns

Every Amazon seller will optimize his listing sooner or later. Usually, Amazon Sellers optimize their product listing for specific keywords during the creation process. That can increase your ranking.

Jungle Scout and Sellics offer functions that support Amazon Sellers in this case.

The Keyword Scout tool from Jungle Scout and the Amazon SEO Tool from Sellics allow Amazon sellers to find the right keywords to optimize their Amazon listing.

Jungle Scout and Sellics users can track the keywords of their competitors and their own products.

However, only Jungle Scout users can determine the relevance of a specific keyword.

Of course, both tools can also be used to query data such as search volume, trends, and PPC costs.

But also with this tool, Jungle Scout offers you better and more meaningful data than Sellics.

A real advantage of Sellics compared to Jungle Scout is the function "Amazon PPC."

With this feature of Sellics, you can analyze your PPC campaigns and find out which changes have a positive or negative effect on your PPC campaign.

You can automate the optimization of your campaigns. Then your CPC bid will automatically be optimized, and your campaigns will be optimized for maximal profit.

Jungle Scout vs. Sellics - The individual functions

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Launch

Jungle Scout Launch has been available since 2019 and helps you get your product launches to the next level.

The basic idea of a product launch is to sell products to customers far below the actual selling price. In return, you give away coupons and advertise your discount campaign on social media.

Jungle Scout Launch offers you access to an exclusive promotional marketplace where you can promote your discounted products.

As soon as you have created a promotion, your product will appear on a marketplace called "Jump Send."

In this marketplace, hundreds of thousands of customers looking for reduced offers can request a coupon code for your product.

That will make your sales skyrocket in the first few weeks, as most likely many people will want to buy your product.

The increase in sales will make Amazon aware of your product, which will have a positive effect on your organic ranking.

Another feature of Jungle Scout Launch is the ability to get in touch with your customers.

You can ensure that your customers receive their products and have no problems using them. You can easily ask for feedback.

Jungle Scout Launch works based on Amazon's current buyer-seller messaging system, i.e., the tool is automated and anonymous. You don't have to send your e-mails manually!

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

With the Jungle Scout Supplier Database, you can find a suitable supplier for your products.

You can also get a lot of relevant information about potential suppliers and their business environment.

That is not only standard information like, for example, the question which products the supplier can produce in which time.

You get much more in-depth insights. Here are some examples:

  • Supplier business with other customers
  • Who are the other customers of the supplier?
  • How many deals have suppliers made with other customers?

You can also use the Supplier Database to find out which suppliers can coordinate a specific product with you and which supplier can only produce standard products.


Inventory Management

With Sellics, you can control your Amazon Inventory Management. The tool calculates the best time to reorder from your supplier based on the previous period.

To do this, you must enter the delivery time of your products in the tool. Sellics will send you a notification when you place another order.


This tool is also very useful just because reviews on Amazon play a huge role.

The tool informs you about all reviews, so that you can react immediately to negative feedback.

An answer to a negative review can at least be a sign of good customer service.

Of course, it is better to clarify the problem. In the best case, the customer then deletes his negative review and writes a positive one.

Jungle Scout vs. Sellics  - Conclusion

In this review, we have now examined the advantages and disadvantages of Jungle Scout and Sellics.

Jungle Scout is better when it comes to product research. Jungle Scout Launch is also an outstanding tool. And in our opinion it is a tool that really helps you.

Sellics is an all-in-one tool that covers essential functions but doesn't deliver as good figures and supports you as good as Jungle Scout.

A real advantage of Sellics, however, is the PPC tool that allows you to automate your campaigns.

If you are a beginner or are looking for a tool to grow your Amazon business, we recommend Jungle Scout.

Sellics is also worth a try, especially when it comes to controlling your amazon business processes.

PS: Here you can learn more about Jungle Scout Alternatives.

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