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Amazon is a dog eat dog world. It is literally one of the hardest marketplaces to get into if you do not know what you are doing (Jungle Scout helps lighten this terrible burden of doing everything yourself). 

Many people only see sales skyrocketing through the roof which is normal, but they shouldn't. 

It is so easy to romanticize making millions of dollars online without much effort or even thought. 

However, it is not that easy to make lots of money. It is not easy to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year, especially not being new. 

Whatever your selling can not be oversaturated with millions of people doing the same thing. 

If you have millions of people doing the same thing you won't make any money. The reason being is because you are not unique. 

People want you, not the other guy that you're trying to be. I guarantee it! You need to focus on staying away from lots of competition. 

Jungle Scout is designed to push you towards a niche without boatloads of competition.

We have created this Jungle Scout Review so that you can find out if the tool is suitable for you.

You can also read our articles about Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and Jungle Scout Web App.

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Jungle Scout Review - Tools

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Jungle Scout has a sales estimator. The sales estimator from Jungle Scout will give keen insight on what items will sell and what items won't sell. 

An example would be if you looked up starfish food. You would look to see if it sells and let's say it does. 

Now you know that you can sell starfish food, but not jellyfish legs. All joking aside, people can have the most wonderful products, but it will never matter if there is literally no one who wants the product. 

It’s a common temptation to sit and brainstorm product ideas that will sell in your own opinion, but then you create it just to find out that no one wants it. 

The best course of action for you is to know what is selling and what is not selling.

Jungle Scout solves this problem.

Screenshot Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout & Chrome Extension

There are two different ways to use Jungle Scout. The Web App and the Chrome Extension. A lot of debate goes on with a lot of people on if the Web App is better than the Chrome Extension. 

There are three plans available. You must pay for the Web App and the Chrome Extension. With that being said, if you want them both you can choose Jungle Scout & Extension plan.

Jungle Scout Web App has a thing called Niche Hunter tool. This Niche Hunter tool is a great tool to provide due insight on finding out what it is you should invest your efforts in.

If you only want the Chrome Extension, it costs two hundred dollars a year and you get all the pretty frills that come with it (which are worth it I should add). 

There is a one hundred dollar a year version, but I would not recommend it. 

The pricing of the Web App and the Chrome Extension depends on the amount of monthly orders. You can find out more about the prices here.

The Tool Called Niche Hunter 

Jungle Scout's widget called Niche Hunter helps you build your ideas looking at the different niches you are interested in, the average prices of different products, and the sales of those products. 

You will need a form of light intelligence to navigate your way through the results you wield from Niche Hunter. 

You only want brand nameless keywords (see what I did there? Brand name. . .less).

Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout Product Tracker 

The Product Tracker is simple and efficient. You simply track the performance of your product.

But you can also track your competitor's products.

You might like to create groups for Jungle Scout that show you similar products and their performances. 

Remember that sixty-day time frames are better than one day time frames to check performance. I feel they are more accurate.

Product Tracker

Jungle Scout Product Database

There is a thing called the product database that allows users in Jungle Scout to view the entirety of all Amazon products. 

These listing should not be overlooked because there are possibly millions of products in this database. 

You can also filter products by different criteria.

Jungle Scout is useful in this aspect as well in my Jungle Scout Review. Anyone can rummage through Jungle Scout for its database to get juicy information in just about any which way you wish.

Product Database

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 

Jungle Scout's beautiful Chrome Extension is great because there is nothing you can not do on the go. I use, on average, more of the Chrome Extension than I use the Web App.

The convenience is unparalleled when it comes to the Chrome Extension for this Jungle Scout Review. I can actually use the Chrome Extension while I am using Amazon! 

I also love the Chrome Extension because of how it offers you an efficient detailing summary located at the very top of the page revealing the average price, sales, and an opportunity score all based on the competition (along with supply and demand).

Keyword Research

Is your stuff relevant? If you know because you're an expert researcher then I suppose you don't need to pay attention to this paragraph while reading this Jungle Scout Review. 

If you are not a part of that boat then continue reading. 

You must know, without hesitating, that your term is relevant. Sometimes there are slang terms that you know nothing about. 

If your term is relevant it will generate good targeted keywords.

Jungle Scout Review - KPIs

Opportunity Score 

An opportunity score provides a peek at. . . well. . . the opportunity of business. A score of ten means that you have great things awaiting for you. 

In contrast, a score of one means that you don't stand a chance. The opportunity scores are just there to check around for what is in high demand. 

This can help some people because they can just sit back and capitalize on the open market. This is the best feature of Jungle Scout in my opinion for this detailed Jungle Scout review.

Listing Quality Score

Would you like to know how well the top ten are optimized? Jungle Scout reviews images by the numeric, the keywords that have been used, and the relevance of all descriptions. 

Jungle Scout has recommendations for LSQ. An LSQ that has a three or lower makes for terrible listing quality. 

If you can bring it up to a seven or maybe higher then your quality is great. You must find what makes you special in this dog eat dog market.

Jungle Scout Review - Give It All Away 

The Amazon marketplace is hard to get rewards from. It's like squeezing lemons for sweet juice in place of sour juice. 

People on Amazon love reviews. It shows that your product is worth buying. It is way too difficult to get a sale without having quite a few product reviews. 

No one knows you. How the heck do you get reviews when no one is going to buy because you have no reviews!? 

Maybe you should do a little “giveaway”. That means selling your product at a huge discount.. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this strategy. 

There are too many ways to do a giveaway. Jungle Scout offers an opinion on the number of products you should give away. 

Jungle Scout offers an extensive look at how much of the units you should give away every day for a couple of weeks to wiggle yourself into the top ten.

Jungle Scout Review - Wrapping Up The Benefits 

You need to have that one idea that is totally different than all the other ideas or at least have something about it that is totally different. 

You should want to stand out like a sore thumb when it comes to your product. Do NOT be a product that everyone and there grand mother is selling and then slap a new face on the product thinking that you are unique. 

If you don't do this you are hurting yourself because of the over saturated competition level. Jungle Scout really likes to meditate on the data and that is it. 

Jungle Scout does not care to look at the sheer uniqueness and preciousness of your products.

Jungle Scout Review - The Standard of Amazon Research Tools 

When it comes to the best Amazon research tools. Jungle Scout app/extension by far beats the heat. Sellics is a nice alternative to Jungle Scout, but I prefer to use Jungle Scout because of all the useful tools it has. 

Jungle Scout will and can research the competition along with giving you in-depth looks at what they see. 

The product tracker previously mentioned while doing the extensive Jungle Scout review is very helpful and reassuring when you are on the right path. 

Many people are foolhardy by not being patient. If you remain patient and use Jungle Scout; you will have money saved and many less things to be worried about.

We hope that we could help you with this review. Please give us your feedback in the comments.

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