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You want to sell on Amazon or launch a new product? In both cases, you have to do advertising to reach new customers who want to buy your product.

Only if you sell some products at the beginning, your organic search rankings will improve and you can be successful in the long run.

Otherwise, your cost per customer will probably be too high.

Jungle Scout Launch is a tool to take your product launches to the next level. Launch was developed by Jungle Scout in 2019 and was released after the introduction of the Supplier Database.

In this article, we will explain what Jungle Scout Launch is, how you can use Launch, and find out whether the tool is worth it.

These are the contents of this article:

  • What is Jungle Scout Launch?
  • What features does Jungle Scout Launch provide?
  • How can you use Jungle Scout Launch?
  • Jungle Scout Launch Pricing
  • Summary

Let's dive right in.

What Is Jungle Scout Launch?

Jungle Scout Launch is a new feature of Jungle Scout, released in 2019. Using Launch you can easily promote your new products (and do new product launches). For this, you have several features at your disposal, which we will discuss in detail later.

If you promote your products correctly (and Jungle Scout Launch helps you to do so), you will be able to make more sales faster.

And if you can sell products faster, your organic ranking will also improve faster.

And this is exactly the purpose of every new product launch: increase the ranking as fast as possible to reduce the cost per customer.

This is the only way to be successful in the long run.

Which Features Does Jungle Scout Launch Provide?

These are the features of Jungle Scout Launch:

Email Campaigns

Contact your customers and make sure they received their products without any problems. You can also ask them to leave a review.

This will increase the number of your reviews quickly and sustainably.

Launch is based on Amazon's current buyer-seller messaging system. This means that it is automated and anonymous!

With Launch's Email Campaigns, you will get more reviews, which leads to a higher conversion rate, more resales, and a longer customer-lifetime-value.

Product promotions

Launch works as the back-end of JumpSend. JumpSend is a marketplace where you can promote your discounted products.

On this marketplace, thousands of customers can request a coupon for your product. Therefore, you can sell your products faster and immediately improve your organic ranking.

These are other advantages Jungle Scout Launch provides:

Increase sales

JumpSend is a huge marketplace for customers to buy products with promotions and that's great for product launches and additional sales.

Promote reviews

Amazon merchants who communicate with customers via email get up to eight times more engagement.

Minimize negative ratings

Create automated Email Campaigns for customers who request a refund. Communicate with customers to increase customer satisfaction.

How Can You Use Jungle Scout Launch?

If you are interested in Jungle Scout Launch, you have probably heard about JumpSend before.

JumpSend is a marketplace where Amazon dealers can offer their products at a reduced price.

Interested customers can then buy strongly reduced products and leave a review for them.

New merchants can quickly get reviews for their products and increase their organic ranking through JumpSend.

Jungle Scout Launch works as a back-end of JumpSend. You can use it to select the products and edit the listings you want to promote on JumpSend.

Just open Jungle Scout and click on Launch in the right bar.

Jungle Scout Launch

Now you can choose between Promotions and Email campaigns.

Jungle Scout Launch Options

Clicking on Promotions takes you to a dashboard where you can find all your products (23:41):

When you select a product on this dashboard, you are taken to a detail page. There you can edit individual details, such as the description.

Within Jungle Scout Launch you can create your coupons and activate the Inventory Protection option.

This prevents a customer from ordering your product several times with the same coupon code. This option is very important because otherwise, a customer could buy your whole inventory with a coupon without paying anything for it.

Once you have configured everything, you can choose to confirm your sales manually or automatically.

You can also choose how many coupons you want to spend each day. A really useful feature.

Then confirm everything and the product will appear on JumpSend.

If you choose Email Campaigns, you need to connect your Amazon account to Launch and from that point on you can automatically create campaigns.

The first thing you have to do is to choose pre-designed email templates from Jungle Scout. Depending on which e-mail you want to send, there are different templates. Of course, you can also create your own templates.

In the second step, you choose the product. When a customer orders this product, e-mails are sent automatically.

In the third step, you can configure your e-mail campaign. You can edit the frequency of the e-mails, their content, and lots more.

Jungle Scout Launch works just like any other email marketing tool. Watch the video below (27:15).

Jungle Scout Launch Pricing

If you want to use Jungle Scout Launch, you can subscribe to Jungle Scout or Jungle Scout & Extension.

These packages include all Jungle Scout Tools, all of which are presented in this Jungle Scout Review.

Here's the pricing:

Monthly payment:

  • Jungle Scout (WebApp only): $49 per month
  • Jungle Scout & Extension: $69 per month

Annual payment:

  • Jungle Scout (WebApp only): $39 per month
  • Jungle Scout & Extension: $49 per month

Jungle Scout Launch: Conclusion

Jungle Scout Launch is a unique tool to achieve the following points:

  • Rapidly get sales
  • Quickly get reviews
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Multiple sales per customer
  • Increase organic rankings
  • No additional costs with Jungle Scout

In fact, Jungle Scout Launch is definitely the easiest and cheapest tool to get your new product launch done quickly and properly.

And of course, you can only be successful on Amazon if your product launch is successful.

Otherwise, you'll have to spend too much budget on advertising and you will need a lot of time to improve your organic search rankings.

If you have any further questions about Jungle Scout Launch or any other Jungle Scout tool, then simply write in the comments.

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