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If you are up to start your online business, there’s no way you can just pass through the opportunity to get engaged with Amazon. People from around the world are currently experiencing a hard time due to global lockdown. However, if there’s one thing that went through the roof because of it, it should be an online business.

Amazon is a real techno giant, its statistics speak for themselves:

Forbes Amazon

According to Forbes, Amazon is #4 of the Most Valuable Brands of 2020 in terms of total brand value. It’s also #1 when it comes to the value increase and the yearly revenue.

Pretty impressive, huh?

So there’s no doubt that Amazon is one of the most efficient and reliable platforms to build your online business on. Of course, this fact means that you will face a great amount of competition, no matter what segment you’re in.

Moreover, Amazon’s algorithm is built in a way that allows users to only see listings with a high level of conversion. With millions of different sellers, rankings and numbers are even more important than usual. That’s the most important criterion that distinguishes successful businesses.

But how exactly can you optimize your sales on Amazon?

First and foremost, you’ll need a well-thought SEO strategy.

To do so, you need to learn a little about the technical details of how Amazon’s search engine works. After that, we’ll cover tips on boosting your sales by tailoring your Amazon SEO game.

Let’s go!

How Does Amazon Search Ranking Works?

The Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) is the score that defines the product’s place inside its category, based on how popular it is among the users.

It doesn’t work for uncategorized products, even though a lot of the products on Amazon don’t have a specific category. This system is reversed, meaning that the more popular the product is the lower the number is. In other words, #12 is way better than #2500.

And the real goal is always to reach #1.

Here’s how the ASR looks like on a product page:

ASR Score

This ranking gets updated once an hour, so all the changes are very dynamic. It also means that to maintain a good ranking position you need to ensure that your sales are consistent.

Amazon has an in-built search engine. Statistically, most of the products on Amazon are getting searched rather than found directly through the product page link.

It makes both listing creation methods and SEO strategy extremely important for improving your ranking, which in turn directly affects sales volume.

The good news is we know how to do it right.

And the great news is that we’re going to share it with you.

How To Tame Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm?

The A9 Algorithm is Amazon's in-house system for deciding products’ rankings in search results. It is fairly similar to Google’s algorithm but by no means is the same.

A9 is heavily prioritizing these three factors:

  • Keyword Relevancy. It refers to the level of correspondence and importance of keywords in your product pages, regarding the most commonly used keywords for a certain category of products. It’s a standard metric for any decent SEO strategy, not limited to Amazon listings. The title and product description are two major places that A9 will analyze to decide what your listing is about.
  • Conversion Rate. The more people show interest in buying your product, the more Amazon will encourage them to do so by placing it higher in its search results. Therefore, it is extremely important to present your products with high quality. The main thing is a photo - people first choose with their eyes and only then look at the description, characteristics of the product. Amazon itself puts forward quite strict requirements for photos, but also, high-quality retouching increases the conversion rate up to 47%. Therefore, try to keep your photos not only of high quality but also well retouched. The easiest way is to hire a photo retouching outsourcing company.
  • Customer Satisfaction. Here’s the main difference between Amazon’s and Google’s algorithms. Since Amazon is a marketplace - among all the other things Amazon has become over the years - it values customer satisfaction and user experience very highly. So if your product has a huge amount of sales with an overall low rating score, you shouldn’t expect it to be very high in search results until you fix the issue. The feedback section is one of the most important tools to create a positive image for both potential customers and A9.

Game-Changing Effect Of Link Building

The other crucial part of boosting your listing on Amazon is, funny enough, making sure you promote it outside Amazon.

According to a business insider study:

  • 20% of Amazon shoppers use search engines as a starting point
  • 36% use search engines to check and compare prices
  • 32% look for user reviews using search engines

It’s safe to say that approximately one-third of all your potential clients use search engines (most likely Google) as a part of their buying process.

That’s why getting your listing to the top of Google’s search results is one of the most efficient ways of building up your traffic and improving conversion rate. That will inevitably rank up your products on Amazon because that’s exactly what A9 cares for.

You can use many different techniques of doing so but we will cover what’s arguably the best one - link building.

For those who are not familiar with the term, it’s a method of building backlinks (one-way links) to different websites, to gain more traffic and improve the position in search results. The higher the domain authority of websites you put your backlinks on is, the better the quality of traffic will be.

Many tools may help in managing your backlinks as well as professional SEO agencies that can help with creating the best link building campaign for any particular goals and budgets.

To study your existing backlinks or those of your competitors, you can use Majestic Seo. They do not use any third-party data and have a decent free version that will surely cover a basic analysis. For more comprehensive analysis you may use Ahrefs, a well-proven tool with an extensive set of features.

If you want to go from backlink analysis to starting an actual link building campaign, it’s always better to hire a professional agency.

While it is possible to do the job yourself, most likely it will cost you much more than you think in terms of both time and money. Besides, if you don’t have any experience or knowledge on how to set up a successful link building campaign, doing it yourself is a great way of wasting a good chunk of your budget on nothing.

All the link building agencies have considerably big databases of high-authority websites (usually counted in millions). They also have experience in building well-tailored campaigns, as well as advanced tools to do that. 

Now, if you have already got your internal and external campaigns planned, you should be heavily focusing on the next aspect.

How To Achieve Mastery Of Keyword Optimization?

To achieve a high level of keyword relevancy you should pay real attention to keyword optimization. Note, that ‘optimization’ doesn’t mean ‘multiplication’, because stuffing them everywhere you can is not only useless but is harmful to both machine and human perception.

You should instead carefully apply the right keywords to the corresponding segments of your listing.

1. A Title That Sells

A title is always the most important part of SEO. No matter the platform, or the engine. It defines everything from being able to recognize your product by bots and algorithms to click and conversion rates.

A good title should include:

  1. Brand’s name
  2. Product’s name
  3. A few key features (materials, durability, anything that could be your main selling point)
  4. Type of your product (if that’s unclear or necessary)
  5. Color (be specific because it’s important for ratings)
  6. Product size (if it may cause some issues or if it seems smaller than it is)
  7. Packaging (if needed)
  8. Vendor code (if applicable)

Example of a good title

2. Good Usage of Bullet Points

This one is so clear that we won’t be talking much about all those aspects of it.

Let’s rather list the most important reasons why you should split your text into different parts, using bullets if needed.

A bullet-point list is a good choice because:

  • It makes the text much more readable
  • It points out all the important features
  • It ensures you can easily access the info
  • It’s a good way of repeating crucial info
  • It looks good and makes the page clear
  • It works great, as you can see reading this

Using bullets is a must-have technique in creating Amazon listings. There are plenty of examples of how it could or should be done online. After all, you can just scroll through the Amazon, browsing products of your choice or listings of your competitors to see how it works.

3. Product Descriptions Are Important

Despite the common belief, descriptions do not have a great impact on SEO. Mostly, they are designed to answer potential customer’s questions and quench their thirst for the information.

Eventually, the success of any business is going down to a simple question: ‘Do people buy your products or not?’

To make the answer ‘yes’ you should make sure you showcased all the important features and details about your product while making it as clear and compact as possible.

A piece of good advice is to write your descriptions yourself. At least, the initial draft should be done by someone who truly knows and cares about the product. And who can care more about the company products than the owner?

Imagine yourself as a customer.

  • What do you need to know about the product to buy it?
  • Which features do you perceive as decision-making ones?
  • What concerns you the most about the product?
  • Which myths\features should be addressed?

Think of that and your descriptions will be always on point.

4. Make Sure You Took Care About Specs

This tip is especially important if your product falls under technology or electronics categories. Even if there are not any advanced technologies or eclectic mechanisms at all, you should be sure to state the specs anyway.

Such things as size, characteristics, or let’s say, an extra USB connection causes a difference between buying the product or leaving it.


Building a successful Amazon business is not a walk in the park. However, there are countless tools you can use to make it happen. A part of it takes a bit of learning, some parts are better to be done by experts, and all of that together demands time to demonstrate results. But once it does, all the effort can be considered paid off a hundred times.

So don’t hesitate and start your journey to success and independence now!

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