3 Pro Tips To Understanding How To Write Amazon A+ Content


Amazon has close to 9 million sellers.

Try standing out in that crowd, right? With so many sellers making good offers left and right, selling becomes really hard.

Hard, but not impossible. There’s something you can use to your advantage to stand out immediately.

Here’s the thing: most online customers see customer experience as the most important brand differentiator. The companies that provide a positive experience are three times more likely to exceed their goals.

Customers are also looking for a positive experience on Amazon. You can potentially triple your revenues if you do the same.

Okay, so how can you do that on Amazon? It’s not your website.

A+ content is one of the answers.

It’s a great way to convey the real value of your products and give a more engaging and sophisticated shopping experience.

Together with product images, the text in Amazon+ content is the most important thing to deliver that experience.

Below, you’ll find three professional tips on how to write engaging A+ Amazon product page content that sells.

1. Describe Relevant Product Details And Benefits

But isn’t there a product description for this?

Yes, of course, but it’s not enough.

Here’s why: Let’s suppose that you’re looking for a good camera for travel. The purchase won’t exactly burn a hole in your pocket but still, reduce your budget by at least a couple of hundreds of dollars.

That’s significant. Nobody wants to lose $200.

To be confident in your choice of the camera, you need information. Lots of it. So you go online and research products there.

Just like 87 percent of other online shoppers who start product research online.

During your research, you’ll try to read about features, use cases, and some reviews.

The point is that online customers want to get as much relevant information as possible, especially when it comes to bigger purchases.

That’s reasonable: you spend a lot of money on something, you need to be confident that you won’t end up disappointed.

On Amazon, A+ content serves as an additional boost for product descriptions that customers can use to get more information.

That’s why you need to write it with their needs in mind.

This means…

Describe The Typical Use Cases Of Your Product

Choose a few use cases of your product to describe in the A+ content section.

For example, this lunch box product page does a great job by describing the most typical uses that most of us can easily understand.

Amazon A Content

The copy “speaks” to the customer with natural, conversational language, and highlights the most important benefits in a really simple way.

Many brands struggle with defining their unique style for describing products on Amazon.

According to proofreading experts from services like TrustMyPaper and SupremeDissertations, the most common mistakes made by brands are empty adjectives and a lack of power words that elicit an emotional response.

Highlight Relevant Features As Benefits To The Customer

Your Amazon product page’s A+ section should list relevant features in the form of benefits. This is one of the most important goals of every sales page.

For example, in this product page section, instead of having something like “A Durable Leather Case” as a subheading, the text here says “Adorably Durable.”

A Content 7

This is a much interesting option, as far as the customer is concerned.

Lots of benefits suggesting that the customers will do the right thing by buying here.

Next, consider combining the copy with the images.

For example, this section below contains:

  • An original image
  • A benefit-driven headline
  • A concise copy (2 sentences)

A Content 6

You should do the same:

For the headline, use the benefit for the customer.

“As for the copy, start with a sentence that defines the problem,” recommends Estelle Liotard, a senior eCommerce writer at ClassyEssay. “The second one should finish with the description of how the product helps to solve it.”

Let’s analyze the right section from the above image:

  • The headline: Sleep Better (the main benefit that customers care about).
  • The first sentence (the problem): Exposure to high blue rate light that leads to insomnia.
  • The second sentence (the solution): Wear LifeArt blue light filter.

Pro Tip: To increase Amazon sales, speak the language of your customer!

If you read the description examples above, you’ll find nice words like “adorably durable,” “cute and perfect,” “stylishly protected,” “endless picture-taking fun.”

All these positive and conversational phrases are perfect for the intended audience: 

Generation Z (born after 1996). They prefer this style of communication from brands, so they’re more likely to find it engaging and ultimately convert.

2. Help Customers Imagine Using Your Products

Would you like to be the center of everyone’s attention at your next party?

Just kidding, obviously, but didn’t I make you think about the answer?

Maybe, just for a second, you imagined yourself at a party with all your best friends, talking and making them laugh hard.

That would be a great story.

I mention the word “story” here because that’s what this technique is all about. It’s called “storytelling,” which is an art of describing products using stories to engage customers.

Here’s an example of storytelling in Amazon A+ content.

The writer says that with the Instax Mini 9 camera, the customer can be “the talk of the party” or “the center of attention.”

A Content 5

It’s really easy to imagine yourself having the Instax camera and using it at a party to make unforgettable photos.

For customers, reading story-based product descriptions is much more engaging and interesting, so it became a major part of Amazon listing optimization.

Here’s what you need to do to help your customers imagine using your products:

  • Set a scene. “Imagine yourself in the center of attention at a party” – that’s the scene that you need to describe right away.
  • Use details to make the story realistic.
  • Have a hero in the story. Your customers can root for that hero or imagine themselves as them, e.g. “the hero of the party with a camera”.
  • Proofread. Don’t forget to proofread your text. One silly spelling mistake can ruin an amazing storytelling piece.

Even though storytelling is a proven technique, many eCommerce brands still struggle with telling good stories that engage.

In most cases, there’s an obvious disconnect between concept and execution, according to copywriting experts from BestEssaysEducation who study Amazon A+ content trends.

To avoid such a disconnect, your best bet is to study your audience’s needs. If your Amazon A+ content “speaks” to and resonates with them, they will be much more likely to convert.

3. Create A Consistent Brand Experience

Your online store is cool. It’s beautifully designed, has your logo, and provides lots of information for customers.

Amazon, on the other hand, is a marketplace, so you have no control over it.

This means that the customers who are used to recognizing your business thanks to the logo, colors, and other brand identity elements, might not feel quite right viewing your products there.

So, the brand experience suffers.

Amazon A+ content can help to fix that.

Let me demonstrate.

Here’s a banner from the website of LifeArt, a brand that sells glasses.

A Content 4

Nice, right? 

And, here’s a section from A+ on a product page from the same brand. The resemblance is obvious, right?

A Content 3

The writer does a great job by keeping the slogan in the A+ content. This helps with keeping the brand experience consistent.

So, the customers who are influenced by recognition and brand identity will feel more comfortable buying.

That’s why try to use brand-specific elements in your A+ content section:

  • Slogans for which your brand might be recognized
  • Brand logo
  • Typical marketing messaging you use in campaigns

Don’t forget to use the “brand style” tone and voice for the A+ content section, too.

And The Last Thing…

Get yourself in the right mindset! To write Amazon A+ content that sells, you need to keep your customer’s needs above everything. That’s why it’s important that you think about it carefully before writing.

The best news is that you already did it, just now. If you’ve made it this far, you know how to write something that makes it easier to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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